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Friday, October 27, 2017

The most popular Halloween costumes in Toronto this year

It's almost time to show off those Halloween costumes, Toronto – and thanks to some premium intel from local costume stores, I already know what you'll be wearing this weekend. Like, not actually, but I've got a pretty good data-backed hunch. 

Here are the most popular costumes you can expect to see this Halloween in Toronto.

Hugh Hefner and a Playboy bunny

You're practically guaranteed to see this couple's costume if you're headed to a house party. "A lot of guys have come in looking for Hugh Hefner this year," says Jamie DaSilva, purchasing manager at the Amazing Party & Costume store. "It's simple and it's timely."

Inflatable T-Rex

Yeah, this is still very much a thing.

Regular bananas

These are also still a thing, somehow, despite some legal drama between the costume's manufacturer and K-Mart. DaSilva confirmed that banana suits are once again flying off the shelves this year.

Old-timey soldiers and their dames

Gina Anki, who owns Theatrix Costume House in Parkdale, says that period military uniforms are proving incredibly popular for couples this year – the more authentic, the better. Think 1920s - 1940s era service coats, forage caps and a Great Gatsby look for the gals. 

Beauty and The Beast

Popular movie begets popular Halloween costume.

Pennywise the clown from 'It'

Popular movie begets popular Halloween costume, again – but this time it's scary.

Psychedelic retro partiers

"People this season are really keen on picking eras," says Anki. "I recently had a group come in looking for 1970s style evening wear – flashy suits, deep cut shirts, lots of colours." This is consistent with what I'm seeing all over the internet, for the record.

Harley Quinn

Yup, last year's Harley Quinn is this year's Harley Quinn. It seems weird, but sales numbers don't lie – nor does the recent onslaught of Harley Quinn makeup tutorials I've seen on YouTube. Suicide Squad is still relevant, guys – or maybe it's just Margot Robbie.


"Our Handmaid's Tale stuff is all gone," says Malabar's Josh Monge of the Emmy Award-winning TV series based on Margaret Atwood's book of the same name. Under his eye, Toronto. Under his eye.

Gord Downie

There's nothing like a celebrity death to make choosing your costume a cinch. Monge says fans have been clamouring anything that even looks like something Downie might wear in preparation for Halloween.

Wonder Woman

Again, popular movie – but DaSilva says this was already the case last year after Gal Gadot was introduced as the titular character. This year, Gadot appears in two different movies as Wonder Woman with two different costumes – both of which are selling like hot cakes.

Game of Thrones characters

Da Silva says this would would be an even more popular choice if the Game of Thrones would actually license some real costumes. In the meantime, there are knock-offs a plenty and many other ways to look like Westerosi royalty.

Star Wars characters

All of the costume store representatives I spoke with say that this is an evergreen costume category. Star Wars will be wildly popular this year, but it's never not popular.

Ride-on costumes

You know those costumes with little fake legs that make you look like you're riding a horse / shark / other person? They're big this year thanks to an influx of new styles spurred by public demand. "There's not one in particular," says DaSilva, "but they're huge as a group."

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

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