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Saturday, October 28, 2017

This house has the most epic Halloween display in Toronto

If you're looking to get into the spooky spirit for Halloween in Toronto, a visit to Glenlake Ave. and Dorval Rd. might be in store. The house at the southeast corner of this intersection has been completely decked out in all manner of creepy decorations and props for the occasion. 

halloween house torontoHomeowners Trevor Walker and Karin Martin are well known for going all with their holiday decorations, but this year they've really outdone themselves. Last year's Halloween display was awesome, but the 2017 version is even more dramatic. 

halloween house torontoPerhaps the most noteworthy addition this year is that of atmospheric smoke, which makes the house feel every bit like a movie set. Truth be told, the level of theatricality here is on par with many of the haunted attractions that you have to pay for. Maybe it's even better.

halloween house torontoWhen I passed by late last week, a steady stream of people parked their cars and got out to gawk at the incredible display. The corner lot of the house helps to ensure that there's lots to look at, so plan to dwell for a little while in order to take it all in.

halloween house torontoThere's 18 foot high stacks of pumpkins, dinosaur skeletons, a massive spider decapitating a person, as well as more goofy decorations like a massive inflatable eyeball and Frankenstein figure.

halloween house torontoYou'll also find skulls, crows, and assorted masks across the property. Depending on your perspective, the pièce de résistance might be the knife-wielding skeleton proudly showing off a severed head on the roof of the house, though it's legitimately hard to pick favourites.

halloween house torontoSo, once again, hats off to the homeowners for creating such an involved and playful scene for us all to enjoy. If only we could all trick or treat in the West Bend.

halloween house toronto

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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