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Friday, October 27, 2017

The Best Tap Rooms in Toronto

The best tap rooms in Toronto give beer geeks a chance to try the most experimental concoctions their favourite brewers have to offer, fresh at the source. Such rooms often give drinkers a transparent view of the brewing process, and also incorporate bottle shops so you can purchase the best local beers direct from their producers to enjoy at home, too.

Here are the best tap rooms in Toronto.

5 - Henderson Brewing

This industrial tap room on burgeoning Sterling Road is filled with the oaty aroma of brewing. Bare bones industrial design, tons of events, and fridges full of tall cans, growlers and bottles of their popular Food Truck and Best beers as well as a monthly experimental “Ides” brew can all be found here. Don’t forget to play a quick game of pinball while you’re there as well.
10 - Saulter Street Brewery

This standalone space in Riverside has a small but very independent and thoroughly Canadian range of beers for right now on draft and in cans and “howlers” (miniature growlers) in their barn-like, cottagey tap room.
3 - Left Field Brewery

This brewery in an alley south of the Danforth is so hardcore baseball-themed there's even a vintage scoreboard on the wall, and every Jays game plays here. Even if you have no interest in the action on the TVs at this little tap room that’s accessible to strollers and dog-friendly, anyone who loves beer will be happy sampling a pint of their reputable oatmeal stout.
7 - Junction Craft Brewing

This brewery takes its name from the neighbourhood it resides in. Though their popular Conductor's Ale can be enjoyed at spots where fine beer is poured across the city, in their tap room you can drink it surrounded by old-timey wallpaper.
4 - Bellwoods Brewery (Hafis)

The Castlefield Design District location of this well known brewery is not nearly as crowded as the Ossington one. It's also a tap room only so a good spot to sample their lineup of brews. The Jelly King sour and Witch Shark beers are best sellers.
11 - Muddy York Brewing Co.

Operating out of the industrial area in East York, this small tap room with a steampunk vibe decked out in antiques serves their already popular porter, bitter, IPAs and more as well as nitro cold brew on draft and shrub sodas for non-drinkers or the designated driver that got you all the way out there.
6 - Blood Brothers

This teeny weeny tap room on Geary Avenue is inside a garagey space that opens to a makeshift patio of picnic tables when it’s warm. Samples on tap are typically limited but the vibe in this white brick space is beyond cool. Their highly reliable bottle fridge is the best place to find some of the funkiest, most sour, and fullest flavoured beers in the city.
8 - Kensington Brewing Company

Finally, a tap room and bottle shop right in the market. This long and skinny concrete space breathes fresh air into the Kensington area, already with over half a dozen beers on tap and regular experimental bottles.
9 - Halo Brewery

Located on quiet Wallace near Symington right next to a set of train tracks, this little brewery has been making a big name for itself with powerful saisons, tart fruity sours and sarsaparilla-inspired stouts. The small space is comfy, bright and often packed, and on point branding mesmerizes with hypnotic abstract shapes and bright colours.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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