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Friday, December 29, 2017

The Best Korean BBQ in Toronto

The best Korean BBQ restaurants in Toronto are a tabletop-grilled-meat lover’s paradise. Classic choices like steak, ribs and pork belly come slathered in lip-smackingly flavourful sweet and savoury sauces. Just be sure to fit in a few veggies alongside this delicious meat fest.

Here are the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Toronto.

3 - Kookminhakgyo Korean BBQ

Great ambiance, a ton of banchan (side dishes) and of course, tasty pork and beef options make this spot a top-notch K-BBQ experience in the heart of Koreatown North.
9 - Sariwon

Head to this Thornhill establishment for the excellent kalbi (BBQ beef ribs). Huge portions of high-quality meats and an abundance of banchan keep this place busy.
11 - Huh Ga Ne

Filled with (mostly Korean) locals, this 24-hour restaurant by Yonge & Finch does tabletop cooking for two right, with tons of options that include thinly sliced sirloin beef, beef short ribs and of course, pork belly.
5 - Ssam

Located right at Yonge & Finch, this joint was formerly known as Crazy Wings. It now has a hip, industrial vintage feel to it, and high-tech tabletop BBQ equipment with which to cook your selection of meats.
4 - Daldongnae

Decor inside this cozy restaurant in Koreatown North has a Korea-in-the-'60s vibe, with signs and artifacts inspired by that era. In addition to high-quality meats, other highlights here are the AYCE corn, mayo & cheese and egg side dishes that cook in a moat around the BBQ’d meats.
6 - Piggy's Restaurant

The signature pork belly is a popular order at this Thornhill K-BBQ spot (and also Little Piggy’s in the Annex), where a standard minimum order of two servings is required. Accompany your grilled meats with fun additions like UFO fried rice and drinks served in light bulb-shaped containers.
7 - Chako Barbeque

Its authenticity – and quality – may be questionable, but this AYCE K-BBQ restaurant and izakaya with a location each in Scarborough and Richmond Hill (plus another in Mississauga) is all about value. Here you can grill and eat as much short rib, chicken, ox tongue and sliced beef or pork as your stomach can possibly fit.
8 - Kobi Korean BBQ

Known for its dakgalbi (spicy chicken) surrounded by a ring of melting cheese, pineapple and corn, this popular restaurant at Yonge & Steeles is the perfect spot for getting your cheese pull on. Instead of chicken, other cheese BBQ options include squid or assorted seafood, while regular meat BBQ is available as well.
10 - Jangwon Korean Cuisine

Service at this casual K-town joint that offers AYCE K-BBQ can leave a lot to be desired, and not much English is spoken, but some patrons are willing to endure anything for unlimited pork belly, beef brisket, pork neck and bulgogi.

by Christina Cheung via blogTO

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