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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

3 new flower shops that are prettying up Dundas West

Flowers Dundas WestFlower shops on Dundas West are a dime a dozen. Most of them are flower/grocery hybrids, and few have much in the way of specialties going on. Stem, Griffin, and Sweet Woodruff, though, are three newish spots that are starting to change that trend. All three are completely adorable and offer niche services, including produce, interior decor and incredibly affordable bouquets.

Meet three of the newest, sweetest flower shops on Dundas West.


Griffin opened up two weeks ago, and it looks like someone came and half-filled an empty Dundas West shop with the contents of a farm. That's exactly what's going on here. They've got a gorgeous assortment of fresh and affordable stems (a bunch of sunflowers can be had for $2!), focusing on whatever's in season. Recently, it's been the sunflowers, peonies and dalias. Griffin sells produce, as well. Containers of pesto, pickles or olives are $2 each, and local leafy greens are $3. They even sell preserves, done up by owner Nathan Isberg, proprietor of the Atlantic across the street. Whatever doesn't sell by the end of the day he just takes to his restaurant.

The Stem Flower Market

The Stem's focus is on the floral. Lisa, the owner, can put together virtually any custom order. As I drop in to visit, she's got huge buckets of red and orange roses for a huge Indian wedding, and she's doing up corsages for another couple's nuptials, too. Her flowers are, for the most part, local as well. If you're looking for a bouquet for someone you love (including yourself), she sells stunning single flowers for $3, and they're huge, fluffy breeds like hydrangeas, meaning they'll be sure to impress. She also sells mini-orchids ($12), which would make great hostess gifts. Lisa is up at 5 a.m. every day working on custom creations, and she does delivery throughout the GTA, too.

Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff is the place to go if you need interior decor taken care of as well as various flora. Its proprietor, Lisa Collins, is formally trained as an interior designer, and she opened up shop last year just east of Dundas and Gore Vale. They do a lot of weddings, but they also prepare smaller gifts and arrangements, such as little gold 'Julep cups' filled with delicate blooms ($30 to $50, depending on their contents). In terms of specialty flowers, that changes with the seasons. But most of what you'll find here is local. When I drop in, thick birch branches are for sale ($14) for use in home decor projects, which Collins can help you to plan. And, if you happen to need any terrariums, those can be had for as little as $35.

Photo from the Stem's Facebook page

by Sarah Ratchford via blogTO

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