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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Best Jeans and Denim Stores in Toronto

Jeans in TorontoThe best jeans and denim stores in Toronto are held in high regard - anybody who can curate a collection filled to the brim with the world's most versatile material (and perpetual blue jeans trend) is a marvel on their own. Many stores on this list have scoured the streets and showrooms to offer everything from the heaviest of raw denim to the most (ironically) perfect pre-distressed numbers, and have even left room for those semi-questionable neon skinnies we all know and (subjectively) love. Needless to say, the variety is unending, much like the renowned, time-honoured fabric.

So let's hand it to nine local boutiques both big and small; their helpful customer service, standards of quality, and - of course - wide selections of built-to-last jeans and denim products have all landed them on this list.

Here are the best jeans and denim stores in Toronto.

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by Bianca Venerayan via blogTO

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