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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The top 69 restaurants in Toronto by TTC subway stop

restaurants subway mapLet the TTC take you to dinner. Sure it's not as chilvarous as most dates which will see you door to door, though it'll get you pretty darn close in most instances. Go ahead and skip the traffic headaches and premium parking rates; order another glass of vino or say yes to's not like you're driving.

Here are the best places to eat nearby all 69 TTC subway stops.

Get a large version of this map here. And don't forget to download our free iPhone app where you can always look up places nearby TTC subway stops.


The top 69 bars in Toronto by TTC subway stop

The top 69 cheap eats in Toronto by TTC subway stop

The top 69 coffee shops in Toronto by TTC subway stop

YONGE UNIVERSITY LINE (1)TTC Restaurants Toronto

BLOOR-DANFORTH LINE (2)TTC Restaurants Toronto

SCARBOROUGH RT (3)TTC Restaurants Toronto

SHEPPARD LINE (4)TTC Restaurants Toronto

ttc subway map Did we miss your go-to restaurant at a certain stop? Add your suggestions to the comments below.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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