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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Montreal hot chocolate cafe chain coming to Toronto

cacao 70 torontoThere's good news brewing for local hot chocolate fanatics. Montreal chain Cacao 70 is coming Toronto, with plans to open its first location at 28 Gristmill Lane in the Distillery District. The space is currently occupied by Balzac's temporary location, but you can expect the new tenant to be up and running by the end of October.

The company currently operates six locations with four in Montreal, and one in Sherbrooke and Ottawa respectively, but we're told that they have ambitious expansion plans with a focus on Toronto. You can expect the Distillery District cafe to be joined by other Cacao 70s in downtown Toronto over the next year.

The concept of the chain is unlike any of Toronto's current chocolate specialty shops in that these cafes offer 15+ hot chocolate varieties (starting at $9.25) as well as full brunch and dessert menus. They're also licensed for those who want their chocolate spiked or are hankering for a beer.

Among the more noteworthy food offerings is the marshmallow dessert pizza, which features warm pizza crust topped with chunks of chocolate, roasted marshmallows, strawberries and bananas. The brunch options range from the savoury (omelettes and grilled sandwiches) to the sweet (numerous chocolate-topped crepes).

If the Montreal locations are any indication, Cacao 70 will be open reasonably late (10am-11pm during the week and 10am-12am Friday and Saturday).

Photo via Cacao 70's Instagram feed

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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