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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The top 10 bars for a first date in Toronto

bars first date torontoThe top bars for a first date in Toronto will help you to kick off your romance right. Whether you're strapped for cash need something affordable or are looking for an intimate outpost with grade A cocktails, this city has options galore.

Here are my picks for the top bars for a first date in Toronto.

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This low-lit Parkdale haunt is ideal for those who like to keep things simple. You won't have to dress to the nines or know how to pronounce the names of exotic beverages. The no-frills bar serves classic drinks and plaid seems to be the uniform of its patrons. The decorative knick knacks scattered around the space also make for great conversation pieces, which is helpful if things start to get awkward.

Northern Belle
The sister spot of Northwood serves coffee by day and craft beers and cocktails by night, making it ideal no matter what hour your date kicks off. Plus, the bar's proximity to Trinity Bellwoods makes it super appealing if you want to go on a post-cocktail stroll and carve your names into a tree or something.

Snakes and Lattes
If you're not a dinner and drinks guy or gal, opt for an activity based date at Snakes and Lattes sprawling College location. Disregard their name, and order a beer or glass of wine then get down to business with your gaming. As a bonus, you'll get a taste of how competitive your date is.

Archive Wine Bar
Know your merlots from your malbecs? Impress your date with that knowledge by heading to Archive Wine Bar for a bottle or two of Ontario's finest (or something French). The bar has an impressive collection of wines without but has spared the pretentiousness often associated with wine bars. Its menu flaunts a few well-crafted sharing plates, if you need something to nibble on.

Bathurst Local 322
If you and your date are not fans of the traditional bar and nightclub scene, this one's for you. Pastel walls, delicate wallpaper, wooden tables, and old-timey glasses make this place more unique than the average outpost.

Hole in the Wall
If you want to get close (like really close) to your date, opt for Hole in the Wall. This itty bitty Junction spot will have you and your date squeezed together in the best way possible. The back is equipped for musicians, so expect to see a Junction local or two take the stage while you discuss your future child's name over bar rail.

Bill Hicks Bar
If you're strapped for cash but don't want to deal with the shame of taking your date to a local McDonalds, Bill Hicks is your saving grace. All drinks are between $2.95 and $4.95, so you can buy your potential life partner more than one can of PBR (she or he will be very impressed, I promise).

Bellwoods Brewery
This city is full of craft beer lovers, so there's a good chance your date will enjoy the selection of pilsners and ales on tap at Bellwoods Brewery. If the place gets too crowded you can always head to their bottle shop and move your date to one of your apartments. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Hitch is an low-key east side bar that serve up appetizers and masterfully crafted cocktails. If you're not inclined to head downtown for a date, this is the ideal spot thanks to its Pinterest-esque decor. You'll score bonus points for knowing that the name is inspired by essayist Christopher Hitchens.

The Gaslight
This laid back bar features a bevy of craft beers, wines, and cocktails - none of which disappoint. It's low-lighting and candle-adorned tables will set the mood, creating ambiance for your date. This is your quintessential neighbourhood spot, so you'll come off as being low maintenance and possessing good taste. That's a nice combination.

What did I miss? Add your favourite first date bars in the comments.

by Alice Prendergast via blogTO

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