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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The top 10 chili in Toronto

chili torontoChili is a hearty food perfectly suited for colder seasons in Toronto. While Timmies might be top of mind when searching out this meaty meal, this collection of sports bars, smokehouses, and lunch counters does it better. A lot better.

Here are my picks for the top chili in Toronto.

The Lakeview
The iconic 24-hour diner on Dundas West is home an eclectic list of comfort foods, and the chili con carne fits right in. For $12.50, enjoy a bowl of chunky, meaty chili blanketed with melted cheddar and dressed up with chive sour cream and onion rings. Whole wheat toast and a salad are served on the side.

Marky's BBQ Smokehouse
The smokehouse chili at this BBQ joint in The Junction/Baby Point is sold as a side for just $6. Composed of torn chunks of brisket studded with kidney beans in a smoky gravy, it's excellent by the spoonful, and even better as a chili dog ($9) paired with smoked sausage from Sorella.

Triple A Bar
There ain't no beans in the Texas Chili ($14) at two east side locations of this BBQ joint. Finished with a dollop of sour cream and joined by an endless supply of tortilla chips for dipping, this chili is brimming with heat from ancho chilies and boasts a saucy mess of tenderly stewed beef.

Hogtown Smoke
This smokehouse in the Beaches offers up a compelling version dubbed the Hogsbreath Chili ($16). The hearty dish features pulled pork, smoked brisket, butternut squash and a blend of spicy Mexican peppers all simmered in Dos Equis beer. It's finished with a blend of three cheeses and sour cream, then served with a cornbread muffin and bourbon butter.

Black Camel
Chili is a staple on the menu at this midtown lunch counter and can be ordered in two sizes ($3.25/6 oz. or $5.25/12 oz.). Perfect to take back to your desk, this smoky offering combines shaved bits of slow-roasted brisket with tomatoes, black beans, kidney beans, corn, and chipotle peppers.

Leslieville Pumps
The smoked brisket chili ($8.18/18oz ) at this east side general store is excellent when simply garnished with a dollop of sour cream, better still, you can add on a sprinkling of cheese and a side of cornbread muffins. For an ultra-filling take, try the saucy mess of shredded meat piled over poutine for $10.61.

Fernando's Hideaway
Chili is an entire sub-section on the menu of this Mexican joint. Order the Con Carne ($10) featuring the classic combination of ground beef and kidney beans or opt for the Texas Red Hot ($11) loaded with chunks of braised beef simmered slowly with chile de arbol, garlic and spices. Vegetarians can partake too with a meat-free tomato based version ($10).

Lou Dawgs
This unconventional Chicken & Cheese Chili ($10.95) starts as a vegetarian dish and then gets loaded with barbecued pulled chicken and cheese curds. Each order comes with a bun to sop up every last bit of sauce or you can really indulge cold weather cravings for carbs by ordering it on top of nachos ($14) or poutine ($8-$12).

Uncle Betty's
This diner on Yonge tops its homestyle beef chili with cheddar cheese and sour cream and serves it in big bowls with toast for $7. Also find the versatile food sandwiched between buttered buns to form the handheld, Sloppy Betty ($13).

Real Sports
The ultimate chili bowl is a $5 special offered every Sunday by this massive sports bar. Find chili offered throughout the regular menu too; doused over nachos, taco salads, poutines, and cheese dogs.

What did I miss? Add your suggestions in the comments.

Photo from Leslieville Pumps facebook.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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