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Friday, September 29, 2017

54 late night eats to satisfy your cravings at Nuit Blanche 2017

Late night eats at Nuit Blanche will get you through the wee hours of the annual all night art crawl. If you plan to cover a lot of ground and check out all the must-see exhibits, you're going to need some fuel along the way. From food trucks to late night Chinese food purveyors, you've got plenty of options. Here's your guide to late night eats available during Nuit Blanche this year.  Food trucks The following Toronto food trucks are officially working with Nuit Blanche and will be serving throughout the all-night event. Nathan Phillips Square BeaverTails Born2Eat The Ultimate Concessions Trailer Mami's Tiny Tom Donuts Heirloom Queens Park Road Grill Texas Tornado Mustache Burger Tiny Tom Donuts I Love Churros Prince Edward's Fries You can never go wrong with late night dim sum at Chinatown's Rol San. Photo by Hector Vasquez. Restaurants You'll also find restaurants around the city open late on Nuit Blanche, from your standard 2 a.m. kitchens to ones that go deep into the next morning. Open until 2 a.m. 416 Snack Bar Albert's Real Jamaican ASAP City Bar Isabel Bar Raval Halal Guys Hanmoto Hawker Bar Hemingway's Lou Dawgs Macho Radio Bar Otto's Bierhalle Fresca Pizza Swatow The 47 The Dime The Greater Good Three Hands Open until 3 a.m. Ali Baba's (multiple locations) Belly Buster Submarines Burrito Boyz (multiple locations) Poutini's (multiple locations) Thompson Diner Open until 4 a.m. Amato (multiple locations) Fat Bastard Burrito (multiple locations) Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant Liberty Shawarma  Roywoods Smoke's Poutinerie (multiple locations) Sneaky Dee's Open until 5 a.m. Alexandros Take-Out New Ho King Rol San Open until 6 a.m. Fancy Franks King Place Restaurant Open 24 hours 7 West Bagel House (multiple locations) Denny's Fran's Restaurant Lakeview Restaurant Pho Pasteur Vesta Lunch

by Jaclyn Skrobacky via blogTO

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