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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hot weather continues as Toronto breaks 117 year old record

The last few days have seen Toronto's most recent heat wave breaking all the records like it was a young Mariah Carey. Yesterday the temperature reached 31.1 degrees — a feat unseen since 1900 when it was recorded at 30C on the button. But thankfully the heatwave is starting to wane. Today should reach a high of 28 as things begin to simmer down, then we can expect a comfortable 19 degrees tomorrow and a high of 16 to round out the work week. The Toronto heat wave is over! Still hot and humid, reaching 28 & possible rain 🇨🇦🌅🌞🤓🕉☯️💜 — Djennb (@djennbCDN) September 27, 2017 Fall had a false start with sweltering weather over the last four days. The heat wave came after a period of relatively crisp temperatures, reaching as high as 31.5 on Monday, breaking 126 year old record set in 1891. The end of fake fall and beginning of real fall is great news for anyone who was feeling like a wilted flower.

by Lisa Power via blogTO

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