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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The longest and shortest TTC subway stops

"Map is not to scale." Anyone who's every peered at the TTC's subway route map will be familiar with this disclaimer, one that leaves urban geography nerds curious to know what the actual distances between subways stations are. William Davis has provided a useful to-scale version of the TTC map, which helps to clarify but not to solve the debate over the longest and shortest gaps between stations. William Davis's to-scale TTC map. It's not so difficult to sketch such a thing out using online distance calculators, though it is a challenge to peg exact numbers based on the architectural layout of stations underground. While entrances are typically located near main intersections, platform positioning varies significantly.  The shortest distance between two stops on the TTC, for instance, is between St. Andrew and Osgoode stations. Although the TTC map makes it look as though the trip between King and Queen would be equidistant, the platform at Queen is located north of the street after which it's named, while Osgoode dips south toward Richmond. With the proviso that this isn't based on official TTC numbers, here's a guide to the longest and shortest distances between TTC stations. Shortest St. Andrew to Osgoode - approximately 300 metres Bay to Yonge - approximately 350 metres Other Line 1 stations south of Queen - approximately 400 metres Other Line 1 stations south of Bloor - approximately 500 metres (with the exception of Queen's Park to Museum, which is approximately 750 metres) Longest Line 1 stations between Eglinton and Sheppard - these average just over 2 kilometres each Wilson to Downsview - just over 2 kilometres Yonge to Bayview - just over 2 kilometres Victoria Park to Warden - approximately 2.4 kilometres Warden to Kenneday - approximately 2.5 kilometres St. Clair West to Eglinton West - approximately 2.7 kilometres

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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