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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Best Americano in Toronto

The best Americano in Toronto balances many variables, from the choice in coffee beans, roasters and machines to the amount and kind of water used and the skill of the baristas. All these factors come together to create a perfectly satisfying diluted espresso – a true work of art in a cup. Here is where to find the best Americano in Toronto. 6 - Rooster Coffee House (Jarvis St.)

A well-loved, east-side trio of homey cafes that all make tasty Americanos with a chocolatey, custom blend of beans roasted by Pilot Coffee Roasters.
11 - Mercury Espresso Bar

Favouring George Howell’s Alchemy roast when pulling Americanos, this classic Leslieville coffee spot also offers an ever-changing featured brew to keep things interesting.
3 - Jimmy's Coffee (Kensington Market)

This coffee shop, with its distinctive yellow take-out lids, has half-a-dozen outposts that mostly favour the west side of the city. Baristas will make Americanos however you like them, with a single or double (or triple!) shot, using Classic Gourmet beans.
7 - Quantum Coffee

Those who live and work in the King & Spadina area swear by this cafe’s Americanos. The double-shot medium is its most popular order, and they have the making of it down to a science. The water is triple-filtered and set to an ideal temperature for the drink, and each barista station uses a grinder reserved exclusively for pulling longer Americano shots.
4 - Sam James (Spadina)

Dubbed Toronto’s coffee king, it’s no surprise Sam James makes a delicious Americano using SJCB’s own Cut Coffee roasts. Baristas at each of the five, cash-only, minimalist locations in the city can pull a painstakingly perfect shot, with an ideal amount of crema.
10 - Propeller Coffee

This artisan micro-roastery, cafe and event space by Bloor & Lansdowne is a hidden gem. Its award-winning beans are used to make a memorable Americano with beautiful crema. (One of its co-founders also opened Crema Coffee Co. in the Junction years ago.)
5 - Dineen Coffee

Now with two locations in the Financial District, this dreamy cafe has developed a loyal following with its expertly made Americanos that use Social Coffee beans. Misto versions with steamed milk are also offered for a little extra.
8 - Fahrenheit Coffee (Richmond)

With a coffee bar located on each side of the city, Fahrenheit has become a name synonymous with quality espresso-based beverages, and the Americano is no exception. Patrons have a choice of three kinds of espresso beans roasted by Pilot, including the Diablo house blend, which is exclusive to these shops.
9 - Pilot Coffee Roasters

When other coffee shops use your house label’s locally roasted Pilot Coffee beans to make their Americanos, you best bet your own is equally up to snuff. This essential cafe with multiple locations including a tasting room on Wagstaff Drive does a version that more than meets this challenge.

by Christina Cheung via blogTO

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