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Friday, September 29, 2017

The top 10 renegade exhibits at Nuit Blanche 2017

Renegade Nuit Blanche exhibits and events during this year's big art crawl take place both in and beyond the major zones designated by the city. You might not even realize they're happening until you're in middle of a light show, a forest rave, or a top secret mermaid security camera show.  Events you might want to check out:

Girls Gone Wild (September 30 @ Katzman Contemporary)
This party in the back alley of an art gallery will magically transform an automotive graveyard with fire projections, wild grape wine, bad girl music, and pit-stop tarot readings.
Shadow Arcade (September 30 @ Gallery 555)
Get your Nuit Blanche started at this gallery from 8 - 10 p.m. with Lumo Amuzo's Shadow Arcade featuring Larklamp the world's first magic lantern game system.
Nuit Blanche Art Party (September 30 - October 1 @ House of VR)
Check out live VR painting performances, interactive art installations, and DJs spinning until late. All of this will be accompanied by Cheese for the People, a sacred Nuit Blanche tradition of truth-or-dare grilled cheese.
Snake Girl's Hyperbolic Time Chamber (September 30 - October 1 @ Arcteryx Toronto)
This is a thought-provoking Nuit Blanche performance by Maya Ben David curated by Earl Miller and The Queen Street West BIA. It runs from 9 p.m. until 3 a.m.
Mermaid Security Camera (September 30 @ Mighty Brave Productions + Haus of Dada)
You never know what Mermaids are up to at night, but this art project running from 9 p.m. to midnight will show you. Look into the window at the Haus of Dada and find out.
Nuit Blanche Ride (September 30 - October 1 @ Spadina & Bloor)
Meet at the southeast corner of Spadina and Bloor, get your bike geared up with lights, sound or whatever else you care to do, and the group will ride off into the night. You'll see art, make noise, and interact with the city on a loose schedule.
Nuit Blanche Kigurumi Parade (September 30 @ Kigurumi)
Meet at the Kigurumi store on Dundas West, wear your finest onesie, and get ready to spread love on the streets.
Raveslave (September 30 - October 1 @ Queen's Park)
This is a dubstep and trap rave party in the park with a bunch of DJs Scafetta, Scvndvl, The Official Neonblack, ANG3LK and eFFeX.
Department of Public Memory (September 30 - October 1 @ Outside 4 Wellesley Place)
Fo over the 12 hours of Nuit Blanche, The Department will unveil three new signs to commemorate overlooked civic sites. Sites including Queen's Park, Toronto Libraries, and a unique palliative care hospice that closed in 2013.
Toronto Gloving Community Light Show (September 30 - October 1 @ Nathan Phillips Square)
Look for lights, lasers, finger beams and any form of luminescence around the square. It's a yearly, peaceful, bright light tradition.

by Phil Villeneuve via blogTO

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