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Sunday, July 24, 2016

10 iconic Toronto album covers

Toronto album coverToronto has produced numerous classic bands and albums, but when it comes to iconic album covers depicting the city and its landmarks, the pickings are slimmer than you might imagine. But, there remain a handful of records that flaunt Toronto with unabashed pride.

Here are 10 iconic Toronto album covers.

Rush - Moving Pictures (1980)
Perhaps the best-known of Toronto-based album covers, Moving Pictures features the front steps and facade of the provincial legislature at Queen's Park. The album art is famously a triple entendre, with works moving pictures that emotionally resonate with onlookers, all of which is stage for a movie (moving picture) on the back cover.

Toronto album coverAerial - In the Middle of Night (1978)
Aerial (which once went by the name of Liverpool) started out as a Beatles cover band, but eventually achieved some popularity with a top 40 Canadian hit in the form of "Easy Love." Perhaps the band's best contribution to Toronto music history, however, is the creepy album art featuring the the city's skyline.

Toronto album coverMartha and the Muffins - Metro Music (1979)
Martha and the Muffins pay homage to their hometown on their first record with what is one of the most unabashedly Toronto-focused album covers of all time.

Toronto album coverDrake - Views (2016)
The source of countless memes, Drake's CN Tower cover is nothing if not one huge shout out to Toronto.

Toronto album coverSegarini - Goodbye L.A. (1979)
Bob Segarini might be best known for his work as a radio personality, but prior to that he was a member of numerous bands and the author of a successful solo career, one of the most popular albums of which was Goodbye L.A.. The album cover, which features an illustration of First Canadian Place in all its marble glory.

Toronto album coverNeil Young - Live at Massey Hall (1971)
The album wasn't released until 2007, but the cover art is appropriately 1970s enough, complete with a vintage photo of the famous concert venue. It's not the most strikingly designed album, but the humble art suits the classic acoustic set.

Toronto album coverDave and Ansil Collins - In Toronto (1974)
This Jamaican duo achieved success with "Double Barrel" and "Monkey Spanner," but it's probably the various samples of the former that have seen their music most widely disseminated. This 1974 album features a wonderful 1970s era shot of the Toronto skyline looking south.

toronto album coverLeroy Sibbles - Evidence (1982)
Leroy Sibbles is best known for his work in The Heptones, but 1982's solo album Evidence shows him posing triumphantly in front of the CN Tower.

Toronto album coverDrake - Take Care (2011)
It might not seem like a Toronto-specific album cover for the uninitiated, but this opulent scene was actually shot at Joso's, one of Drizzy's favourite restaurants.

Toronto album coverPrince - Musicology (2004)
This one might bend the rules a bit, but the back cover of Prince's Musicology features a shot of the great musician deep in contemplation with the Toronto skyline as backdrop.

What did I miss? Add your favourite Toronto album covers in the comments.

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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