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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The top 15 pancakes in Toronto by type

pancakes torontoPancakes in Toronto are far more diverse than just the classic brunch-time varieties. You'll find an astounding selection of sweet and savoury options that represent various places from around the world on menus in this city.

Here are my picks for the top pancakes in Toronto by type.

It doesn't matter if you call 'em pancakes or flapjacks, they're a staple on breakfast tables across Toronto. Recess Diner will serve you a stack of buttermilk blueberry ones ($15) that come smothered in maple syrup with sugar crisp bacon and a whipped brown sugar butter.

Crepes TorontoFrench Crepes
French street food is alive and well at Toronto's Market 707 where shipping container vendor, Nom Nom Nom Crepes, serves up thin pancakes stuffed with fruit, Nutella and ice cream as well as savoury fillings.

Crepes TorontoJapanese Crepes
Millie Creperie doles out sweet, crispy pancakes that come served with fresh, raw fillings. Classic examples from the Kensington Market eatery include crepes folded around green tea gelato and berries, or the savoury smoked salmon and fresh veg.

Pannenkoeken TorontoPannenkoeken
Also known as the Dutch Baby, this thick and puffy pancake comes from the Netherlands, but was popularized in the United States. In Toronto, you'll find a good one at Riverside's Sugar Loaf where it's topped with apples and salted caramel sauce.

hotteok torontoHotteok
Hotteok arrive at your table fresh and often still warm. These Korean-style pancakes filled with brown sugar or red bean are absolutely heavenly from Hodo Kwaja on Bloor.

Cachapas TorontoCachapas
These thick and sweet corn pancakes popular in Venezuela are on the menu at Arepazo in Kensington Market and come topped with butter and queso fresco.

Latkes TorontoLatkes
Jewish potato pancakes are a traditional Hanukah-time food, but the pan-fried patties are so good, you'll find them year-round at delis and appetizing stores in Toronto. Order them from Schmaltz topped with salmon, caviar or classic accoutrements like sour cream and apple sauce.

blintzes torontoBlintzes
Another classic from Eastern Europe are these thin, eggy crepes. They're a favourite at Toronto institution, United Bakers Dairy Restaurant, where they're served in the traditional style folded around soft, sweet cheese.

Kaiserschmarren TorontoKaiserschmarren and Palatschinken
Austrian-style pancakes are a specialty at Sugar For My Honey where the palatschinken come filled with options like bananas and Nutella, while the kaiserschmarrenm features shredded pancakes dusted in sugar and served with apple compote.

Raggmunk torontoRaggmunk
Similar to Jewish latkes, these grated potato pancakes hail from Sweden. Find them on the brunch menu at Karelia Kitchen where they're accompanied by hot smoked trout, beet and horseradish cured gravlax and a poached duck egg.

chinese pancakes torontoChinese Pancakes
One of my most favourite savoury pancake preparations are these ones, which come embedded with scallions. Get them with an order of the Luckee Duck at Susur Lee's dim sum parlour Luckee.

Kaiserschmarren TorontoSocca
The 47 snack bar in Bloordale is home to a fine example of these thin chickpea flour crepes originating in Genoa. Have them topped with lamb or eggplant and tahini.

dosa torontoDosa
Fermented rice and urad dal (black lentil) crepes are a staple of South Indian cooking. You'll find the crispy pancakes on menus throughout the GTA, though I'm particularly fond of the Tiffin Box where dosas comes filled with things like curried lamb or palak paneer.

Uttapam TorontoUttapam
Large South Indian-style pancakes made of rice and lentils are among the many popular picks at Udupi Palace. Find variations made with chili and onions, tomato and peas or even pineapple.

These savoury Japanese pancakes are traditionally loaded with bits of seafood and then topped with dancing bonito flakes. I had a really good shrimp and bacon version recently from pop-up food vendors, YakiKuza at TOFoodFest.

Photos in order by Hector Vasquez, @natrel, Miranda Whist, Hector Vasquez, Hodo Kwaja, Hector Vasquez, Jesse Milns, United Bakers Dairy, Sugar For My Honey, Karelia, Luckee, Erin Scholz, Jesse Milns, Tim, Hector Vasquez

What did I miss? Add your favourite pancake style to the comments.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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