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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Street Style: 25 looks from WayHome 2016

wayhome 2016WayHome 2016 was a scorcher. To deal with merciless heat on the weekend, festival-goers donned breezy outfits in the hopes of some relief. All fashion sense wasn't abandoned in favour of survival, however, as weather-appropriate attire often happened to scream "i'm dressed for a summer music fest!"

Here are 25 looks from WayHome 2016.

Name: Danni
Occupation: Student
My style: Sparkly bohemian

wayhome 2016Name: Elizabeth
Occupation: Student
My style: '90s Wayhome craft

wayhome 2016Name: Matt
Occupation: Engineer
My style: Comfortable functional

wayhome 2016Name: Bryn
Occupation: Student
My style: Chill

wayhome 2016Name: Savannah
Occupation: Student
My style: Rave

wayhome 2016Name: Maya
Occupation: Student
My style: Easy

wayhome 2016Name: Maya
Occupation: English Student
My style: Sunshine-y

wayhome 2016Name: Jesse
Occupation: Sales rep
My style: Florida cas

wayhome 2016Name: Karyn
Occupation: Graphic designer
My style: Stevie Knicks

wayhome 2016Name: Marina
Occupation: Project manager
My style: I don't know

wayhome 2016Name: Jenny
Occupation: Makeup artist
My style: Bohemian

wayhome 2016Name: Julie
Occupation: Court Services
My style: Airy and free

wayhome 2016Name: Dani
Occupation: Vintage buyer
My style: 1960s Kafka

wayhome 2016Name: James
Occupation: Photographer
My style: Tucked in

wayhome 2016Name: Riley
Occupation: Tree planter
My style: Hobo chic

wayhome 2016Name: Olivia
Occupation: Student
My style: Survival mode

wayhome 2016Name: Savannah
Occupation: Student
My style: Breezy

wayhome 2016Name: Stuart
Occupation: Real estate
My style: Light and summery

wayhome 2016Name: Jimmy
Occupation: Accountant
My style: Comfy cozy

wayhome 2016Name: Alex
Occupation: Dietician
My style: '60s

wayhome 2016Name: Deepak
Occupation: Consultant
My style: City meets festival

wayhome 2016Name: Liza
Occupation: Digital producer
My style: Colourful and cozy

wayhome 2016Name: Jesse
Occupation: Owner of Halfwits clothing company
My style: Casual men's streetwear

wayhome 2016Name: Sydney
Occupation: Fashion blogger
My style: Classic with an edgy twist

wayhome 2016Name: Kate
Occupation: Singer-songwriter
My style: Cas

by Jesse Milns via blogTO

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