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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Golf lessons in and around Toronto

golf lessons torontoGolf lessons in and around Toronto bring together the pros in the know with right landscape to hone your newly found skills. Whether you're a relative rookie or a total Rory McIlroy just looking to perfect your work around the green, there's a qualified pro out there to help you bring your game to the next level.

Here's a round-up of places to take golf lessons in and around Toronto.

Kaneff Golf Academies
Lionhead Golf Club is just one of six home courses to the popular Kaneff Golf academy. CPGA certified golf pro Bradlee Ryall curates the classes, with group and private lessons offered across the GTA.

Don Valley Golf Course
Just south of the 401 on Yonge, this city-run course has a slew of golf pros offering private or semi-private classes with rates that are on par with the cheapest in the city.

Angus Glen
Former home of the Canadian Open and current home of Iron Lady Golf instructor Lindsay Knowlton, Angus Glen's lessons include the futuristic Trackman, a sensor for ironing out the kinks in your swing. Looking to swing before you shop? AG loans you Nike golf clubs if you're clubless.

Pure Impact Academy -Copper Creek
Between private lessons and month long clinics, Copper Creek has a bumper crop of classes all taught by certified CPGA instructors designed not only to build on fundamentals but take your game to the next level.

Ladies Golf Course
Not just for ladies anymore, Thornhill is home to this beautiful course, with CPGA pros on deck to get even completely green golfers a solid start. Full academies are part of the program, or you can sign up for private one-on-ones.

Richmond Hill Golf Club
Shawn Clement runs the show at RHGC, dubbed Wisdom in Golf, a program that sees him traveling the world teaching newbies and seasoned vets a new trick or two. All courses are taught by CGPA pros who promise to pack a punch into every lesson.

Eagles Nest
Swanky Eagles Nest boasts a heli-pad for the truly time compressed at their Doug Carrick designed course. Top golf pro Henry Brunton heads the program, known for his junior clinics that have scored scholarships to more than a few lucky students.

Salem Ridge Golf Academy
Ajax is home to Salem Ridge's popular golf academy. Both private and semi-private instruction comes tricked out with video and Trackman swing analysis, and a 9 hole on-course instruction component.

Glen Eagle Golf Club
This 27 hole course features lessons from Sandra Post, an LPGA golfer who is a member of Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. Four holes are dedicated for student use, guaranteeing real results for your next round.

Humber Valley Golf Course
Michael Dale is the lead instructor at Humber Valley, a picturesque city run course in the west end. Signing up for a clinic secures you not only instruction but also clubs to use, perfect for novices to the sport.

Is the grass greener on your turf? Add more places for golf lessons in the comments.

Photo via Eagles Nest Facebook page.

by Libby Roach via blogTO

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