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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The top 21 milkshakes in Toronto by neighbourhood

milkshakes torontoMilkshakes in Toronto aren't exclusively a summertime treat; they're good year-round at ice cream parlours, diners and burger joints. From classics flavours like strawberry and vanilla to vegan alternatives and epic interpretations, these shakes are sure to satisfy.

Here are my picks for the top milkshakes in Toronto by neighbourhood.

Rose & Sons encourages diners to mix and match milkshake flavours. They're all made with a vanilla soft serve base and flavours includes Soma chocolate, wild blueberry, peanut butter, caramel, sour cherry cheesecake, creamsicle and triple bourbon.

Ed's Real Scoop makes great ice cream in over 100 flavours, including my personal fave, burnt marshmallow. Try any flavour blended with a vintage Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer.

Expect to find ultra-indulgent options to accompany gourmet burgers at The Works. The 2001 Shake Odyssey is just one option. It features a blend of ice cream, caramel, peanut butter, Oreo cookies and whipped cream all served in a measuring cup.

milkshakes torontoTHE DANFORTH
The milkshake bar at Burger Stomper bills decadent shakes in flavours like Cookies 'N Cream, Nutella Peanut Butter and Skor Galore.

Greg's Ice Cream is a top notch base for creamy shakes offered in flavours like roasted marshmallow, sweet cream, malt ball crunch and more.

Brain freeze in on the menu 24/7 at The Lakeview. Milkshakes come in standard assortment of flavours, or amped up with optional slices of apple pie, Nanaimo bars or deep fried Mars bars.

Old school burger joint, Apache Burger is a local institution where malted milkshakes complete the combos served until late at night.

Milkshakes might sound like a no-go for vegan eaters, but Cosmic Treats does dairy-free versions made with cashew-based ice cream blended with soy or almond milk.

It's easy to grab a cold treat at any time of the day or night because the Thompson Diner is a 24-hour source for vanilla, chocolate and strawberry shakes.

milkshakes torontoKOREATOWN
Bean and Baker Malt Shop is a retro soda shop where thick shakes feature Kawartha Dairy ice cream. Inquire about the monthly feature flavour, which has recently included options like a maple butter tart shake.

Milkshakes go 19-plus at Saturday Dinette where flavours like roasted banana, Tahitian vanilla and Rocher chocolate can be spiked with any two ounces of liquor from behind the bar.

Fancy Franks sticks to the classics and whips up thick vanilla, strawberry and chocolate shakes to accompany its lineup of loaded hot dogs and poutines.

milkshakes torontoMARKHAM
Dolce 21 in the Pacific Mall does shakes in flavours like green tea, salty Hokkaido milk, black sugar and lychee (to name just a few).

Niche is a coffee house on Queen West where the epic triple chocolate milkshake features a blend of ice cream, candy bars and outrageous garnishes.

Dutch Dreams is a kitschy ice cream parlour that serves thick milkshakes in massive one litre vats. Choose from any of the ice cream flavours on display.

milkshakes torontoWEST QUEEN WEST
Milkshakes are among the specialties at Fountain, a 1950s inspired soda shop that's serving up creamy, old fashioned shakes. Go for classic flavours like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate, or opt for a coffee-laced take made with a shot of espresso.

Signature shakes at Bareburger come in flavours like Bananas Foster and Hot Honey. Diners are also welcome to mix and match options like chocolate, peanut butter 'n banana, raspberry or strawberry.

At Uncle Betty's, the adult milkshakes are popular no matter if it's brunch, lunch or supper time. Three scoops of ice cream go into every shake along with a shot of vodka.

Stack Restaurant might be famous for its Southern-style smokehouse, but milkshakes prove to be the perfect compliment to a rack of ribs. The lineup of shakes includes flavour like s'mores or cinnamon doughnut.

Holy Chuck BurgersYONGE & ST. CLAIR
Holy Chuck Burgers is home to some of the most unique milkshake creations in town. The menu from this mini chain boasts more than a dozen flavours ranging from classics like PB&J, Nutella, and strawberry, as well as savoury wasabi-ginger-scallion and a foie gras and truffle oil concoction.

Flo's Diner in the heart of Yorkville will satisfy nostalgic cravings with shakes and malts that cover the standard flavours like Neapolitan, banana, coffee and Oreo.

Top photo of Niche by Scott Summerhayes

What did I miss? Add your favourite milkshakes to the comments.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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