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Saturday, September 24, 2016

10 ways to satisfy cravings for cotton candy in Toronto

Peace Treats TorontoCotton candy food and drink offerings are one of the hottest food trends of 2016. Gone are the days when cotton candy only existed at carnivals. Toronto's cafes and restaurants are putting the sugary treat in everything from your coffee to cocktails.

Here's a roundup of epic cotton candy offerings you can eat in Toronto right now.

Peace Treats
This milkshake stand can be found inside Peace Collective on Ossington. Order up their Amusement Park shake and prepare to sip on blended cotton candy ice cream topped with whipped cream, blue and pink sugar crystals, pink sprinkles, clumps of blue and pink cotton candy and a cotton candy lollipop.

Intium TorontoIntium
Cafe meets salon meets lounge at this Markham spot. While the cafe portion has quite the menu, the real showstopper is their brightly coloured pink and blue cotton candy lattes.

Dolce 21 MarkhamDolce 21
You'll have to make your way to Markham to get your hands on this epic soft serve. Choose from offerings like watermelon to green tea and top it off with gigantic helping of fluffy cotton candy.

Light Cafe
Cotton candy coffee is perhaps the most spectacular drink found on the menu at this Baldwin Village cafe. Hot black coffee and steamed milk are served alongside a cloud of spun sugar.

Good Fortune TorontoGood Fortune
This bar can be found in the basement at La Carnita on Eglinton. Among their delicious drink offerings is their Straight Flossin'. Dillon's gin, melon liqueur and vermouth get poured over a cloud of cotton candy, which instantly dissolves.

Sweet Jesus TorontoSweet Jesus
The ice cream purveyor now boasts three locations in Toronto. Among their epic creations - is my personal favourite - Krusty the Cone. Cotton candy and sprinkles, what more could you want?

N9 Cafe TorontoN9 Cafe
The weather report at this cafe calls for cloudy with a chance of coffee. Their Raindrop Coffee arrives are your table with a fluffy cloud of cotton candy balanced over a steaming cup of coffee.

CutiePie Cupcakes
This Chinatown bakeshop goes beyond adorable cupcakes. It's home to cotton candy lattes and iced lattes. The hot and cold espresso-based drinks are both infused with cotton candy steamed milk and whipped cream.

AG Macarons TorontoAG Macarons
This macaron specialist is one of the best in the city. Expect to find at least 14 flavours daily in store, including the must-try cotton candy.

Dutch Dreams TorontoDutch Dreams
This St. Clair West ice cream parlour can fulfill all your cotton candy dreams. They offer cotton candy cones, cotton candy ice cream and they even will top off your ice cream cone with candy floss. Yum!

What did I miss? Add your favourite cotton candy treat in the comments.

Photos by Jesse Milns, Hector Vasquez, @kahoooooota, @theaggiediaries and @geraldina.galica.

by Jaclyn Skrobacky via blogTO

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