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Saturday, October 29, 2016

5 scenic bridges for dazzling views of fall near Toronto

bridges ontarioScenic bridges in Ontario are one of the best ways to take in the beauty of fall colours. From narrow suspension bridges to soaring structures that span major rivers, these elevated passageways provide an unforgettable perspective on the world below.

Here are 5 scenic bridges you can visit for dazzling views of fall colours near Toronto.

Thousand Islands Bridge
It's not close enough for an easy day trip, but any getaway to Frontenac region or the Adirondacks should include a drive over the Thousand Islands bridge system, which spans the St. Lawrence River and offers majestic views of the tens of thousands of trees in the area. Earlier in the season, you can also check out the observation tower.

suspension bridge ontarioRanney Gorge
Just two hours away from Toronto, the Ranney Gorge suspension bridge is located in Ferris Provincial Park near Cambellford. The 300 foot long bridge sways ever so slightly as you walk over it, but the true thrill is the view of the Trent River when you get to the middle. Throughout the month of October it is just gorgeous.

scenic caves suspension bridgeScenic Caves
The 420 foot suspension bridge at Scenic Caves Adventures near Collingwood is the longest in Southern Ontario. It'll take about 45 minutes of hiking to get to it, but it's all worth it when the view of Georgian Bay and the colourful hills of the Blue Mountain area come into view. On a clear day, the view spans 10,000 square kilometres. Wow.

suspension bridge ontarioWilliam E. Small Suspension
Nestled in the rugged wilderness of the French River Provincial Park, this snowmobile suspension bridge is the longest of its kind in the world at 156 metres. It hovers almost 30 metres above the French River, offering stunning views of the wilderness below.

menesetung bridgeMenestung Bridge
This bridge in Goderich, Ontario isn't that much to look at from the ground, but the view from its platform is just phenomenal in the fall. The former CPR bridge crosses the Maitland river and heads to station house dating back to 1907. It's an easy one to walk or bike across, and only takes about 10 minutes to get to from the parking lot.

Did I miss a scenic bridge worth mentioning? Let is know in the comments.

Photos by Jan Zwilling, Friends of Ferris, Scenic Caves Adventures, William Self, and Val West.

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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