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Friday, October 28, 2016

The most popular costumes in Toronto this Halloween

halloween costumesSome Halloween costumes in Toronto this year are inspired by super heroes and others by recently dead things. I talked to some local costume stores about the most popular costumes they're seeing this year and here's what I found out.

Keep an eye out for these popular costumes this Halloween in Toronto.

There might not be any gorilla suits left at Malabar rentals but this Internet sensation is likely to show up at least once at any Halloween party.

Who doesn't want to feel like a million bucks on Halloween? This costume will leave you with an excuse to dress to the nines for a night.

Purple jackets are in full swing this Halloween, as an ode to the recently deceased singer.

Harley Quinn
Relive the filming action on the streets of Toronto by running around the city as this Suicide Squad supervillian.

Heath Leger's version of the joker is still popular this year as well as the Jared Leto joker from Suicide Squad.

Watch where you put your (hopefully fake) samurai swords and get your sarcasm hat on if you're going out as this vigilante. Also, remember you don't actually have healing powers.

Donald Trump
Be prepared to say, "Make America great again" all night long if you opt for this costume. Maybe add on a wall, but only if you're prepared to defend this controversial proposal.

Hilary Clinton
Complete the look of this presidential candidate with a blonde wig and mask and be sure to keep your composure all night (debate) long...

Rey from Star Wars
The classic Princess Leia costume is dying down in popularity this year to make room for dressing up as the newest badass female character from Star Wars - Rey. Although The Force Awakens was released in December, this is your Halloween opportunity to pay tribute to your new favourite Star Wars characters.

Captain America
This classic super hero costume is back again with popularity from Captain America Civil War. Can you pull off wearing a suit of red, white and blue?

Iron Man
If you're going out this Halloween with a frenemy, try out a matching Iron Man and Captain America costume. Just don't get too riled up over any disputes...

Spider Man
Are your spidey-senses tingling this Halloween?

The mystery continues as to why this costume is still popular, it's back in action for 2016 and is a favourite every year.

Inflatable bath tub
Feel right at home in a tub and rub-a-dub-dub wherever you end up on Halloween. Complete with a rubber duck, this costume will be sure to get a laugh.

Inflatable T-rex
The horse mask meme is slowly fading away and the inflatable T-rex is in as this year's newest wacky costume.

Stranger Things
There has been a lot of hype around this TV show and it's spooky plot recently. But, who will take the cake - Barb, Eleven, or the monster from the underground?

What popular costumes are missing from this list? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by @ameliajetson on Instagram.

by Mallory Warren via blogTO

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