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Friday, October 28, 2016

What kind of house does $2 million get you in Toronto?

2 million house torontoYou won't be able to afford a mansion for $2 million in Toronto, but the crop of houses at this price point are envy-worthy for those who are mulling over entry level homes. Here you'll find plenty of space, highly desirable neighbourhoods, and luxury features that will make the massive expenditure feel like it was worth it (over and above the pleasure of watching your property value increase).

Here's what a $2 million house looks like in Toronto.

$1,995,000 in North Toronto
This lovely North Toronto home is typical of the original homes built in the area with three bedrooms and an option for a fourth or an office or a den. It's a solid brick structure with hardwood floors and an ample backyard. The open concept kitchen is a recent renovation, which gives the ground floor a contemporary feel to go along with the classic features.

2 million house toronto$1,939,000 near Runnymede and Annette
This recently renovated home is close to both the Junction and Bloor West Village, which partially accounts for the price tag. It's not a remarkable structure from the outside, but the re-finishing job on the interior has left a blank canvas for the next occupant to animate the place. With four bedrooms and a den, there's plenty of space to decorate. One drawback is the small backyard.

2 million house toronto$1,988,000 near Sherwood Park
Located on a cul-de-sac near Sherwood Park, this two storey home features three bedrooms and four bedrooms. The design is borderline eclectic, but it's a refreshing diversion from the cookie cutter homes that are also available in this price range. The rocky backyard isn't so kid friendly, but it would make for a gorgeous place to enjoy a glass of wine in the summer.

2 million house toronto$1,999,995 in the Beaches
This Beaches residence has been meticulously renovated to become a solid example of contemporary interior design, with a slick open kitchen and lovely horizontal fireplace. You can get five bedrooms out of the floor plan, and the basement could work as a rental apartment, so this could be very appealing to a growing family looking to subsidize the mortgage.

2 million house toronto$2,000,000 near St. Clair and Avenue
The interior is a touch dated in this home, such that it has a bit of an early '90s vibe, but the area features many homes priced well over the $2 million mark. Those with a keen design eye and the patience to renovate the place over time will like the multiple fireplaces and the bones of this home, which can also be added onto at the back.

Would you buy any of these homes if you were in the market? Let us know in the comments.

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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