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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The top 5 vegan breakfast in Toronto

vegan breakfast torontoVegan breakfasts in Toronto let you start your day off right. Fuel up on plant-based foods at these local restaurants that even meat eaters will enjoy. If you're heading out with a a group, most of these places offer non-vegan options as well as sweet and savoury dishes and lot and lots of coffee.

Here are my picks for the top 5 vegan breakfast spots in Toronto.

Karine's, in the Village on the Grange food court, is popular amongst OCAD students for its affordable vegan breakfasts. Even if you don't eschew meat and animal by-products, you can still find something nutritious and delicious to eat here.

Cardinal Rule
Don't be fooled by this restaurant's retro vibes. It features a diverse vegan breakfast menu, with options like latkes, polenta, waffles a super filling breakfast burrito stuffed with beans, TVP and guac.

Head to D-Beatstro on Saturday and Sunday mornings for its stacked, all-vegan breakfast and brunch lineup. Menu items include red velvet waffle sticks, a pizza grilled cheese sandwich and heuvos rancheros.

Lola's Kitchen
Lola's Kitchen at Church and Charles is the perfect place to go to satisfy a big group made up of vegans and meat eaters. There are plenty of options on the menu, and you can replace eggs with tofu scramble in many of Lola's brunch dishes.

Doug's Public Kitchen
Doug McNish's outpost on Marlee Avenue (near Eglinton and the Allen), serves up an all-vegan breakfast menu on Saturday and Sundays. McNish's vegan eggs are a work of art and kind of look just like the real thing.

What's your favourite vegan breakfast spot in Toronto? Let us know in the comments.

Photo from Doug's Public Kitchen by Libby Roach.

by Amy Grief via blogTO

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