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Monday, October 24, 2016

This house has won Halloween in Toronto

Toronto house halloween decorationsIf there was a competition for the spookiest house in Toronto this Halloween, one of the favourites for the title would have to be this decked out residence at Glenlake Ave. and Dorval Rd. It dials the creepiness (and the kitschiness) factor way, way up.

Toronto house halloween decorationsAlways one of the city's most outlandishly decorated houses for the holidays, this year's Halloween display might take the cake, right down to the shiny black coffin sitting on the front porch. Or perhaps the 20 foot high stack of pumpkins is the highlight? There's so much awesome stuff to look at here that it's hard to pick the best element.

Toronto house halloween decorationsThe centrepiece, however, must be the axe-wielding skeleton perched above the home brandishing a freshly severed head. It's gory enough to solicit ohs and ahs, but silly enough to spare kids from nightmare-filled nights. It's like the Halloween ghost of a less benevolent Paul Bunyan.

Toronto house halloween decorationsThere's also a huge blow up Mr. Frankenstein and a severed eyeball to go along with a garden of skulls and crows galore. When I stopped by to have a look on the weekend, everyone walking along the street paused to take it all in. Many seemed like they had paid a dedicated visit.

Toronto house halloween decorationsAnd why not? The art of quirky seasonal decorating seems to have fallen by the wayside over the years, but over-the-top efforts like this make the city a more interesting place to explore, knowing that such gems exist out there waiting to be found.

Toronto house halloween decorationsKudos go to home-owners Trevor Walker and Karin Martin for once again putting on such a clever and fun display. It's sure to be the most popular house in the neighbourhood on Halloween, but there's enough dark humour here to warrant a smile from even the most jaded adult.

Toronto house halloween decorationsToronto house halloween decorationsToronto house halloween decorationsToronto house halloween decorationsDo you know of an outlandishly decorated house for Halloween in Toronto? Let us know in the comments.

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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