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Monday, March 30, 2015

The 10 worst looks from Toronto Fashion Week fall 2015

toronto fashion weekWorld MasterCard Fashion Week fall/winter 2015 was chock-full of great fashion shows. Hundreds of looks by Canadian and international designers swept and sashayed down the runway, many of which were stunning, striking and sophisticated. But in life, the highs come alongside the lows. Some ensembles, though unrepresentative of their full collections, veered in unsightly directions; tacky, excessive, and downright confusing are just some of the adjectives that come to mind.

Here are my picks for the 10 worst looks from Toronto Fashion Week..

Farley Chatto (top photo)

Farley Chatto's collection teemed with extravagant fur garments, but this coat took the cake for the most over-the-top. I tried to write a fitting caption, but I don't know how to spell out gorilla sounds.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoHayley Elsaesser

I'm a big fan of Hayley Elsaesser's funky prints and outrageous mismatching, but the neckpiece in this look seemed too much like an afterthought to appreciate.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoHilary Macmillan

I'm not going to lie - I'd snatch up each piece in this Hilary Macmillan look without hesitation (and I'd probably wear them all together, too). I think it was the missing blouse that killed it for me.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoKania

Knee-high boots do not compensate for a lack of pants. Large collars do not make this sweatshirt a dress.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoLole

Lole may be more activewear than fashion, but I've never seen an active human in a getup like this before.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoMikhael Kale

I have a love/hate relationship with this look by Mikhael Kale. Aesthetically, the coat is badass; it would make an excellent addition to my colourless wardrobe. But, the holes are terribly impractical for Canadian weather (not to mention a nightmare for all my trypophobic friends), so I'd never even get to wear it.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoThe Wild North

Using fragments of a dead animal as lingerie is probably what got The Wild North in a kerfuffle with a fur protestor last Friday.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoPink Tartan

One or two elements in this Pink Tartan look could've used a good shrinking. I'm an advocate for everything oversized, but this is just too much.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoTatsuaki

This taffeta number by Tatsuaki's Dan Liu looks as if it was meant to be a peplum top, but he decided to add some lace at the bottom and call it a dress.

wmcfw fw 2015 torontoFarley Chatto

Finally, we return to Farley Chatto's collection for a last bit of horror and confusion. Can somebody please explain what's going on here?

Photos courtesy George Pimentel / WMCFW.

by Bianca Venerayan via blogTO

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