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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Toronto ranked the 47th worst traffic in the world

congestion torontoAccording to a new global ranking, Toronto is the 47th most congested city in the world. Is that better or worse than you'd imagine when you're stuck on the Gardiner Expressway? For what it's worth, that ranking puts us 8th in North America and 2nd in Canada, trailing cities like Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York and Seattle.

The report comes from GPS manufacturer TomTom, which ranks 218 cities in its fifth annual Traffic Index. It will come as little consolation to those who suffer through a highway commute every day in Toronto, but there are cities that have it far worse than us when it comes to congestion.

A North American city doesn't make the list until the 10th spot (Los Angeles). The worst cities for congested are clustered in Europe and South America, with Istanbul, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro taking the worst three spots at the top of the list. Istanbul was given a ranking of 58 per cent congestion while Toronto comes in at 31 per cent.

For more on the criteria and ranking, check the main index here.

Photo by Floydian in the Wikimedia Commons

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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