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Friday, March 27, 2015

The top 5 dance parties in Toronto April 2015

dance parties toronto aprilThe top dance parties in Toronto this April grasp onto the best part of Toronto winters - how nuts everyone goes each spring. That energy usually translates to dance floors full of people overjoyed to no longer be wearing parkas. It's not quite warm enough for outdoor festivals yet, but people are starting to dress as if it were.

The closures of both the Guvernment and Sound Academy (the latter just for renovations) seem to have led to a surge of new partiers at smaller events lately, so you might want to start planning ahead and buying tickets in advance for the artists that really matter to you.

Here are my suggestions for the top dance parties to hit in Toronto this April.

XXYYXX (April 3, the Hoxton)

Florida electronic producer XXYYXX started getting attention for his hazy, deconstructed R&B when he was still too young to drink in Ontario, and now boasts a solid following for his idiosyncratic take on dreamy hip hop rhythms and futuristic breaks.10 pm, $20.

Jose Marquez (April 11, Remix Lounge)

Uma Nota and Solid Garage team up to bring Los Angeles soulful house producer/DJ Jose Marquez. Expect lots of organic Afro-Latin percussion, dubbed out vocals, and moody jazz chords. There will also be some live Brazilian samba, courtesy of Batucada Carioca. 10pm, $10.

Victor Calderone (April 24, Coda)

NYC house legend Victor Calderone was once best known for remixing people like Madonna and Sting, but in more recent years has reinvented his sound, and now favours darker techno flavours. Expect him to pound Coda's sound system hard for this extended set. 10 pm, $25.

Format: B (April 24, Ryze)

German DJ/production duo Format: B specialize in sleek, crisp tech-house and techno, and are as well known for their own productions as for the great records they put out on their label Formatik. 10 pm, $15.

AlienInFlux 20th Anniversary (April 25, Loft404 B Lounge)

Not many party promoters can say they've been throwing events for two decades, so Justin "AlienInFlux" Martins must be doing something right for his 20th anniversary party to sell out already. Of course, it helps having DJs like Gene Farris, Terrence Parker, Liquid Stranger, and Box Of Kittens on the bill too. 8 pm, $40.

What did I miss? Leave the dance parties you're most looking forward to in the comments.

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Photo by Jeff Karpala

by Benjamin Boles via blogTO

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