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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The top 10 cheap sangria in Toronto

Cheap Sangria TorontoCheap sangria in Toronto is as easy to love as it to drink. This budget-friendly beverage is an ideal summer refreshment best enjoyed on patios and shared amongst friends.

Here are my picks for where to drink cheap sangria in Toronto.

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Bistro 422
This dive bar on College St. is home to some of the cheapest sangria in town! A 32 ounce pitcher of red or white sangria costs a mere $11.51 and is popular with students looking for quantity over quality.

Madison Avenue Pub
Another thrifty favourite in the Annex comes from this multi-level pub endowed with plenty of patio seating. The sangria here is a simple mix of wine, juice and fresh fruit and is sold in one litre carafes for $13.27.

The Kensington Market local slings sangria by the pint for $8, or in jugs (34oz) for $14. Choose between red and white varieties; one is made with red wine Grand Marnier passion fruit orange juice and ginger ale, while the other blends white wine with vodka citron, pomegranate and pear juice, and ginger ale.

The Red Room
Sold by the pint for $5.25, or by the pitcher for $14.50, the sangria at this joint on Spadina lists OJ, cranberry juice, sprite, red wine and fresh fruit (in that order) as the main ingredients.

Sangria Lounge
As its name suggest, this watering hole on Roncy specializes in sangria, offering four different varieties (red, white, peach and lime) by the pint ($5.50) or pitcher ($15.75). Should your budget allow, kick it up a notch with a shot of Grand Marnier, Triple Sec, or Peach Schnapps for an additional $3.

Tortilla Flats
A pitcher ($17.50) of sangria sweetens the deal at this Tex Mex restaurant on Queen West. Choose between white sangria mixed with lychee liqueur, lemonade, and ginger ale, or red wine mixed with sour raspberry, 7up and OJ.

Bar Neon
The Bloordale bar does sangria in four-serving jugs for $18, in a choice of red, white or sparkling varieties. The fruit in these drinks aren't just for show either; the red sangria for instance is loaded with a delicious mix of oranges, watermelon and boozy cherries.

Pour Boy
There are two Pour Boy pubs in Toronto where you'll find sangria on the menu in 20oz glasses for $6.25, and, 60oz pitchers for $27.50. Available with red or white wine, this summertime favourite is blended with peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juices, ginger ale, a splash of grenadine, and fresh fruit.

Cocina Lucero
The Mexican restaurant near Yonge and Wellesley serves up red sangria mixed with apricot brandy, fruit juice and chunks of apples. Order a solo glass for $8, or share a half ($14) or whole ($26) litre.

Fernando's Hideaway
This colourful, kitschy stalwart on Yonge Street sells sangria that packs a punch, by the glass ($5.53) and pitcher ($16.75). Ordering some nachos is advised before starting in on this dangerously easy to drink blend of red wine, Triple Sec, brandy and fruit juice.

Photo from Tortilla Flats facebook page.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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