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Saturday, September 26, 2020

10 breathtaking lookouts for fall colours near Toronto

There is no better way to view fall colours near Toronto than from the elevated perch of a lookout. Whether it's a natural phenomenon or an observation tower, these spots offer unparalleled panoramas of the province bursting with fall foliage throughout October.

Here are my picks for breathtaking lookouts to check out fall colours around Toronto.

Huckleberry Rock 

Muskoka is known for its beautiful colours in the fall time and Huckleberry Rock is known as the prime place for admiring them. Part of the Canadian Shield, the rocks at the lookout and through the 2.5-kilometre-loop trail, are over a billion years old. Come at sunset to witness the golden rays enhance the bright hues even more. 

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This breathtaking view of fall foliage can be found at Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. Photo by @wandering.home.

Beamer Memorial

Located just an hour outside of Toronto near the town of Grimsby, Beamer Memorial features great hiking trails and three different observation points. There's also an upper and lower waterfall along one of the trails that will be flowing quite strongly this time of year. 

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The golden foliage of the Niagara Escarpment near Rattlesnake Point. Photo by Phil Marion.

Rattlesnake Point

The ridge at Rattlesnake Point offers numerous vantage points on the golden country below spanning all the way to lake Ontario. The view from the Niagara Escarpment is one of the prettiest for its combination of farmland and the rugged rock face below. Make sure to hike along the trail to check out different angles. Reservations are now required to visit. 

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The incredible view from high atop the lookout tower at Sager Conservation Area. Photo by Annette

Sager Conservation Area 

This conservation area in Trent River Valley is home to a nine-metre-tall lookout tower. Just follow the one-kilometre trail that includes an 100-step nature staircase in order to reach the tower. And then up another 50 or so steps to reach the top. Your legs will be burning, but the breathtaking autumn views will help you forget all about that. 

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The rolling hills of Orangeville as seen from Mono Cliffs. Photo by @lmrncprjct.

Mono Cliffs

This amazing system of cliffs is just an hour away from Toronto and features a number of trails with pristine lookouts from atop the Niagara Escarpment. It also tends to be less busy than some of the other spots on this list. While you're there check out the trails that cut beside the stunning rock faces.

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Now that's a view. Mount Nemo has some of the best vistas for fall colours near Toronto. Photo by Robert Prior.

Mount Nemo

Located just 45 minutes from Toronto, Mount Nemo is a day tripper's paradise. The trails here aren't terribly challenging, but what they do offer is stunning vistas from which you can gaze over the picturesque countryside that leads all the way to the Toronto skyline in the distance. Reservations are now required to visit.

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Foley Mountain features stunning views over the town of Westport and the Upper Rideau waterway. Photo by @trevorconnellphoto.

Foley Mountain 

Though Foley Mountain is located three and a half hours from Toronto near the town of Westport, the breathtaking views absolutely make the long drive worth it. You'll be able to see the Upper Rideau waterway with the village of Westport some 200 feet (65 metres) below from the open rock face. There are also over 10 kilometres of walking trails. 

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Dundas Peak is home to one of the most impressive views in the area. Photo by Alex Meoko

Dundas Peak

One of the most beautiful places in the province during the fall, Dundas Peak is less than an hour's drive away from Toronto. The view from the top is majestic, but there are also plenty of attractions to spot along the way, including Webster and Tews Falls. Reservations are now required to visit. 

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Old Baldy offers sweeping views of Grey County that are incredible in the fall. Photo by Visit Grey County.

Old Baldy 

Located two hours from Toronto, Old Baldy lookout can be accessed after just an easy 15-minute hike from the parking lot. From the unprotected edge of the Niagara Escarpment, you'll have the best seat in the house. You'll be able to see for miles over the fall-coloured Grey County countryside. 

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Track and Tower trail in Algonquin Park offers fall views like nowhere else. Photo by @nicolenolet.

Track and Tower trail

Although a little further away than the others on this list, Track and Tower trail in Algonquin Park offers some of the best fall views in the province. If you're up for this 7.7-kilometre-loop trail, you will certainly be rewarded with absolutely breathtaking scenery over Cache Lake. 

by Olivia Little via blogTO

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