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Sunday, September 27, 2020

10 hidden spots to check out fall colours in Toronto

Toronto most recognized spots for fall colours are certainly beautiful, but they can also get annoyingly busy during peak foliage season.

Fortunately, there's an array of places just off the beaten track that are also stunning in autumn and well worth a visit if you're looking to do some leaf-peeping without navigating the crowds.

Here's a few underrated spots to check out fall colours in Toronto.

Craigleigh Gardens Park

A mere kilometre from the Brick Works is Craigleigh Park, a peaceful 3.4 hectare reserve filled with greenery. When the seasons start to change its tree canopy is one of the most beautiful in the city. From the park, you can then hike along scenic Milkman's Lane, which is also beautiful.

Coxwell Ravine 

This ravine is located in the east end of Toronto and remains very much off-the-radar to anyone who isn't a local. The serene forest has a way of making you feel as if you've been transported from the city and the towering trees are even more picturesque in the fall.

Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens

Edward’s Gardens gets most of the praise, while Alexander Muir remains a bit of a secret garden. The manicured flower beds are stunning, especially when accented with a pop of fall colour from the trees. There's also a lengthy forest trail that can be accessed from here. 

Hinder Property

This ravine area near Bathurst and Sheppard is home to a secluded hiking trail that cuts through a large wooded area that bursts with colour by mid October. Despite its proximity to Earl Bales Park, this stunning area is rarely populated. Spend a day alone among the leaves!

Wilket Creek Park

This wilderness park boasts 44 hectares of undisturbed woodland, fairly extensive nature trails and public fire pits for campfires. Best of all, the park’s mature forest of Sugar Maple and Red Oak trees absolutely come alive with colour this time of year.

Chatsworth Ravine

This ravine just south of Yonge and Lawrence is a hidden gem. It may not have the grandeur of Moore Park or Glen Stewart, but it looks mighty fine dressed up in fall colours and is wonderfully quiet compared to the go-to spots around town.

Todmorden Mills 

This historic spot also isn't too far from the Brick Works and provides a unique backdrop for admiring the fall foliage. The buildings here were actually once part of a small industrial village known as Todmorden. The tree-lined trails make the grounds an ideal spot for a fall walk.

Guild Park and Gardens

At Guild Park you'll find much more than just greenery. Among its trails and trees there are architectural gems from historic Toronto buildings that were demolished. The place takes on an almost eerie beauty at the peak of fall when the ruins are covered in falling leaves.

The Redway Road staircase 

This hidden staircase leads into Crothers Woods and was designed as an escape route for employees of the nearby North Toronto Sewage Treatment Plant. It's also an amazing place to take in the fall colours in the valley, providing breathtaking views of the forest from the top.

Windfields Park

This former farm site offers 31 hectares of green space in the Bayview and Lawrence area. It boasts 15 bike trails as well as outdoor fitness equipment, making it ideal for those who want to view the fall colours while staying active (it really kills two birds with one stone).

by Olivia Little via blogTO

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