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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

10 Toronto restaurants with locations in other cities

bier markt montrealA number of Toronto restaurants started here but have since opened locations in other cities. We are used to the reverse, patiently waiting for a chain or famous New York entity to put roots in Toronto (Boulud, Momofuku and Vancouver's Guu come to mind), but as this city's food community continues to court fanfare and taste buds to greater and greater acclaim, I think we'll be seeing even more Toronto restaurants branching out nationally and internationally.

Here's a list of 10 Toronto restaurants that have opened locations in other cities:

Bier Markt

For Torontonians Bier Markt has been the go-to for a brew and a brasserie-style bite with locations all over the city - King West, Don Mills, Queensway, Esplanade and Square One. So It made sense to open a Bier Markt in Montreal too, where they love their beer.

La Societe

Oh the glamour of La Societe, with its French flare at the heart of the Mink Mile. You might not think you could ever replicate that lux atmosphere but if there was one place to do so, it might just be Montreal, where they've opened a new boite.


Celebrity sighting were always a regular occurance at the Toronto Terroni restaurants, so it's no surprise the business chased it's fans right back to Hollywood. Terroni LA is like the slick, sunshine-y agent to the Toronto spots, and that agent is 'killing it'!

Grand Electric

Port Carling might not be first place restauranteurs would think to drop a new joint, but the folks behind Grand Electric have never really played by the rules. When you think about it can you imagine a better fit than tacos and Muskoka cottage country? Move over Weber's there's a new kid in town.

Burger's Priest

Burger's Priest caught on like wild fire in Toronto proper from the East to the West and they're are about to burn up the streets of Guelph with a new place to sink your teeth into one of their signature sloppy burgers. The college kids are going to flip.

Fran's Restaurant

Fran's Restaurant is a Toronto institution, I bet any citizen can recognize that neon script signage, and maybe even the taste of their famous banquet burger. They have three locations in Toronto and one in Barrie.

California Sandwiches

You have to make a name for yourself before you set off into the new world, and California Sandwiches has been making a name for itself in Toronto since 1967. The location in Burlington is carrying on the good name.


Ki features modern Japanese - fresh twists on sushi, sashimi and izakaya - so it makes perfect sense they opened a second location in Calgary, a city about as far away from any ocean as you can possibility get. Think of it as a fish oasis in the middle of Cowtown, if nothing else the oil-rich province can at least pay for it to get shipped in.

Smoke's Poutinerie

Of all the restaurants on this list, Smoke's Poutinerie has the most locations in others cities, including Halifax, Vancouver and Montreal to name a few (there are lots, and seemingly more every day). Calling Smoke's Poutinerie a restaurant may be a bit of stretch, it is just fries and gravy after all, but dang is it good.

Voodoo Child

Coffee shop, brunch spot, cocktail bar and cafe, it didn't seem like much of a wait before Toronto's Voodoo Child expanded elsewhere. What was unexpected was the place - its second location is in Gwangju, South Korea, a rather long commute for its owner David-Shirazi Rad, and the De Mello Palheta coffee they plan on serving there. Happy travels!

What did I miss? Add more Toronto restaurants that have opened in other cities in the comments.

by Erinn Beth Langille via blogTO

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