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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

15 urban explorers from Toronto to follow on Instagram

urban explorers torontoToronto is home to an impressive population of urban explorers who use Instagram as a creative outlet. From rooftoppers to underground adventurers, these photographers capture parts of Toronto that most of us don't have access to, and it's intriguing to see these novel views of the city appear in one's daily feed.

Here are 15 Toronto urban explorers to follow on Instagram.


As his Instagram handle suggests, this thrill-seeker is all about shooting from on high. Despite having only recently adopted the square format photo sharing platform, his images have amassed over 7,000 followers and can be both mesmerizing or nauseating depending your perspective. He also throws in the occasional stunning travel shot from ground level.


Freaktography's feed features a wide variety of urban exploration (and even some rural sites), with a strong focus on abandoned buildings. There's a pervasive sense of nostalgia in most of these images, which is broken up with some rooftopping shots.


Javin Lau shoots skylines and streetscapes with interesting off-the-cuff compositions. Setting himself apart from his peers, his photos capture urban landscapes with muted slightly diluted colours that have a gritty appeal.

urban explorers Torontoriversforgotten

Venturing deep into the city's underbelly, Jeremy Kai has been documenting Toronto's underground waterways well before Instagram was a thing. His photo stream is nicely varied, featuring abandoned buildings, architectural wonders and other oddities.


Neil Ta showed work at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition this year, showcasing his rooftopping work, which at times make Toronto's topography look abstract. One of the most active local shooters around.


Toronto has a surreal neon glow through this photographer's lens. Follow his Instagram account to see him bound from rooftop to rooftop and capture skylines from every possible vantage point.

urban explorers Torontonotorious_yip

Ronnie Yip captures Toronto from atop construction cranes and from off limit locales like the abandoned water slides at Ontario Place. He has a keen eye for making Toronto seem even denser than it already is.


On top of the world. Literally. You'll find ori.ginals documenting his fearless antics as he dangles off the edge of skyscrapers and watches over the city from a bird's eye perspective.


One of the most consistent shooters right now, shaqvel's feed is current and constantly being plugged with awesome CN Tower shots and TTC porn.

urban explorers Torontojayscale

Finding beauty in urban settings, jayscale's feed showcases the city at every angle. See the city from towering heights or catch a glimpse of sky looking up through skyscrapers from street level.


Vee masks add an air of mystery and sense of mischievousness to this collection of photos. Tharobong's Instagram account dates back to only earlier this year, and is especially filled with shots of smoke, steam and fog.


Goldvisual focused on Toronto's architecture, with a penchant for shooting archways, tunnels and bridges.

urban explorers Torontoyoung_beng

Young_beng loves to shoot Toronto as it glimmers at night, including the occasional strike of lightning. His feed features favourite landmarks from unusual angles and backlit silhouettes in front of vast skylines.


If you like looking at sneaker-clad feet dangling from vertigo-inducing heights, then this Instagram account is for you.


Super saturated colours might just be sksquared defining style. His Instagram account makes Toronto look majestic with a collection of nighttime photos that twinkle like jewels.

So who have I missed? There's got to be lots of great photographers to suggest in the comments below, so please do!

Lead image by roof_topper

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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