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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Best Fitness Bootcamp in Toronto

bootcamp torontoThe best fitness bootcamps in Toronto will have you breaking a sweat without setting foot on a StairMaster. These classes will amp up your workout through high intensity interval training, producing much better results than you'd see from hiking on a treadmill for an hour. If you're looking to get fit, give one of these a try.

Here are the best fitness and body bootcamps in Toronto.

Fit Factory Fitness
This King West studio specializes in military-style bootcamps that will whip your body into shape through a series of drills. Run by a former Marine Corps drill instructor, the gym's approach to fitness may not be sympathetic (you'll endure a fair bit of yelling), but it gets the job done. Expect to do jumps, sit ups with medicine ball throws, push-ups, and more in an hour-long class.

CrossFit Toronto
CrossFit Toronto in Leslieville prides itself on having an efficient and effective approach to fitness. The bootcamps here are tailored to fit all ages and sizes and use reps of jumps, mountain climbers, weights and full body movements. Each bootcamp runs for four weeks with one class on every work day.

Fit Chicks
Fit Chicks offers indoor and outdoor group bootcamp classes for ladies. Its FIERCE IN 8 program focuses on high intensity interval training that'll have you gaining muscle and shedding some pounds. The classes take place at locations across the city.

Fit Body Bootcamp
Located in the Yonge and Wellesley area, Fit Body Bootcamp is where to go if you need help reaching your fitness goals. The classes here mix high Intensity interval training, exercise stacking and active rest periods to produce results. If you're not into monotonous routines, the classes offered here are perfect.

Best Body Bootcamp
Best Body Bootcamp operates out of three Toronto locations: Waverley Road Baptist Church, Trinity Presbyterian Church and Artscape Youngplace. You'll be doing a combination of resistance training and cardio intervals designed to help you lose weight and build muscle. There are month-to-month plans and full year membership options available.

Krudar Muy Thai
If you'd rather skip military-style classes, Krudar Muy Thai offers a martial arts-based bootcamp in both Kensington Market and North York. Each hour-long program will have you incorporating kettle bells, sleds, sandbags, and battle ropes into your work out, making it a little more interesting than your average high intensity workout.

Elle Fitness
This King West gym offers two bootcamp classes geared toward women: Barre Bootcamp and Bikini Bootcamp. The Barre Bootcamp uses vertical bars and hand weights to tone your lower body and core. The Bikini Bootcamp is a more high intensity option, incorporating cardio, dumbells and gliders. You can opt for a membership or pay class-to-class.

City Dance Corps
City Dance Corps' Ballet Bootcamp is a fat burning workout that combines traditional ballet moves with pilates exercises. This Queen West studio will have you listening to Buddha Bar music while toning your body to perfection. Classes are drop-in, so you won't have to spend money on a pricey membership to take part.

Buns of Steel
Buns of Steel operates out of the Riverdale Presbyterian Church on the Danforth. The classes here will engage your entire body using full body movements and a few pieces of unintimidating equipment (think kettlebells). There are a range of bootcamp-style classes, available on most days of the week.

Photo of Fit Factory Fitness by Jesse Milns.

by Alice Prendergast via blogTO

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