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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The top 10 food headlines in Toronto from 2015

food headlinesThe Toronto food scene made headlines both locally and internationally in 2015. Hot button issues brought good and bad behaviour (in kitchens and on social media) into the limelight, highlighted local success stories, and even shuttered a few shady businesses.

Here are my picks for the top food headlines in Toronto from 2015.

Economist says world's best ethnic food is in Scarborough
Prominent American food writer Tyler Cowen brought international attention to Toronto's eastern borough when he heaped praise on the food scene, saying it just might be the best ethnic food suburb in the world.

Toronto bar gets heat for Caitlyn Jenner Instagram post
The Warehouse Group, the ownership team behind El Furniture Warehouse and Queen Street Warehouse, landed in hot water and even faced a boycott earlier this year for a terribly insensitive social media post.

Weslodge under fire after sexual harassment allegations
The issue of sexual harassment in kitchens was brought to the forefront after allegations were levelled against former staff at this King West restaurant. In response, The Black Hoof's Jen Agg fostered a dialogue and set up the Kitchen Bitches conference to "address patriarchy in the world (and in the world of restaurants)."

The Grilled Cheese shuts down as allegations run wild
The wrath of Reddit was unleashed on one Toronto sandwich shop as allegations of shady business practices and unpaid wages ran wild. The shop closed amidst the negative attention and was ultimately replaced by a new grilled cheese shop under new management.

Drake and Susur Lee collaborate on Toronto restaurant
The rap mogul and superstar chef teamed up for this new venture on King West, which received international attention and caused a commotion when Drizzy attended the opening.

Labatt buys Toronto's Mill Street Brewery
Craft breweries are opening at a frenetic pace in Toronto, so it should be taken as a compliment when one of our own makes it big time.

Toronto delivery service TasteAway shuts down
This delivery service was known for offering steep discounts on food orders, but shut down promptly after we reported that it was leaving partnering restaurants in the lurch and not settling up accounts.

Popular Toronto restaurant closing early so staff can rest
It wasn't all bad news this year for Toronto restaurants. Popular Spanish restaurant, Bar Isabel announced in November that it would operate on reduced hours, closing at midnight Sunday through Thursday to give the kitchen and front-of-house staff time to rest.

Toronto restaurant to eliminate tipping
The Indian Street Food Co. totally cut out the practice of tipping this year in a bold move that upped wages and aimed to improve the quality of life for those working in the food and beverage industry. Diners will be charged a 12 per cent administration fee on each bill which guarantees that staff are paid more than minimum wage.

You can now buy beer at Toronto supermarkets
It was touch and go all year long, but the promise of alcohol sales in grocery store has actually materialized... mostly.

What did I miss? Add your candidates for most important Toronto food stories in the comments.

Photo of beer sales at Loblaws.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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