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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Uber-like snow removal services arrive in Toronto

snow removal torontoWe've been relatively lucky weather-wise in Toronto so far thanks to this year's super El Nino. But you're sorely mistaken if you thought we'd get off scot-free. Yes, winter has arrived and snow is on the ground.

The City of Toronto sends its fleet of 600 snow plows, 300 sidewalk plows and 200 salt trucks out to combat icy and snowy conditions. These vehicles are responsible for cleaning up expressways, major roads and local streets. Although remember, homeowners are usually responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks.

As a City of Toronto news release says: "In the central core of the city, property owners are required to clear their sidewalks of snow 12 hours after a storm has taken place." If you don't comply, you can face up to a $125 fine.

Luckily, there are numerous private companies that'll do the work for you. And new for this year are Uber-like plowing services that connect you with licensed and insured snow removal companies through a mobile application.

The easyplow app is currently available in Toronto while Eden, as the Globe and Mail reports, is launching in the 905-area suburbs.

Instead of risking it and paying a snow removal company at the beginning of the season, these apps let you hire a private plowing service only when you need it.

Photo by scarboroughcruiser in the blogTO Flickr pool.

by Amy Grief via blogTO


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