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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Best Cappuccino in Toronto

The best cappuccino in Toronto can be found where the baristas are well trained and always on their game. When prepared correctly, this drink of thirds contains equal parts aromatic espresso, silky steamed milk and dense foam to create a delicious, perfectly balanced caffeinated beverage.

Here's where to find the best cappuccino in Toronto.

6 - Te Aro

It’s not surprising that this spot in Leslieville (along with its sibling locations on Ossington and in the Financial District) makes a mean cappuccino, since its roastery Pilot Coffee also supplies other top cafes with excellent beans, which are the foundation to making this addictive beverage.
3 - de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters

With its first location by Yonge & Eglinton, another location inside a bedding store on Richmond St. W. and a roastery in North York, this indie coffee brand has quickly become a respected entity in the city. Its Melbourne-trained owners ensure baristas are up to snuff, turning out cappuccinos that taste rich, creamy and balanced.
4 - Sam James (Spadina)

Toronto's coffee king has built himself a caffeine-based mini empire with five well-thought-out cafes in the city that all use his own roasted Cut Coffee beans. A tasty, smooth espresso with expertly steamed milk, perfectly dense microfoam and a hint of sweetness make up the signature cappuccino.
5 - Fahrenheit Coffee (Richmond)

What this small cafe with two locations on Richmond Street (one on the east side, the other on the west) lacks in seating it makes up for in meticulously made coffee. Using Pilot Coffee beans, the cappuccino is one of Fahrenheit’s specialties, layering espresso, hot milk and foam to produce a wholly satisfying drink.
10 - Wallace Espresso

Social Coffee Company beans are used to make the capps at the two outposts of this small but mighty cafe in the Junction Triangle, one on Wallace (hence its name) and the other on Dupont.
9 - Boxcar Social (Temperance)

The ideal combo of coffee bar and actual bar, its four locations (from Summerhill and Leslieville to Harbourfront and the Financial District) focus on third-wave coffee roasters from outside of Ontario that are constantly changing up to keep your cappuccinos tasting interesting.
11 - Neo Coffee Bar

This cafe a couple blocks from St. Lawrence Market makes a wonderful cappuccino. Try it using the special custom house blend of beans roasted by de Mello Palheta, with its rich chocolate notes that pair perfectly with organic steamed milk topped with beautiful latte art.
7 - Dark Horse Espresso (Canary District)

One of the OG third-wave cafes in Toronto. Half a dozen locations around the city use 49th Parallel or Detour beans to make double shots of bold espresso topped with steamed milk and foam.
8 - Quantum Coffee

At the corner of Spadina & King, this modern and minimalist cafe inside a restored heritage building is a favourite amongst those who work in the area. When the weather gets cold, there’s a seasonal creme brulee cappuccino where you have to crack the torched top (just like the dessert) before taking a sip.

by Christina Cheung via blogTO

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