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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Best Tacos in Toronto

The best tacos in Toronto are the food of the masses. Toronto’s Mexican scene has exploded in recent years, diners having evolved away from hard shell Taco Bells and into the alluring arms of the soft shell tortilla and more sophisticated fillings like tongue, cheek, belly and all manner of veggies.

Here are the best tacos in Toronto.

4 - La Carnita (Queen East)

A mini taco empire with locations on John, Eglinton, College, and more, this place consistently pleases crowds with its chorizo, beef tongue, cod, tuna, and cotija tacos. Could it be possible the boozy drinks also served have anything to do with the craze?
3 - Seven Lives

This small spot in Kensington Market shakes things up with the Gobernador, a smoked tuna, shrimp and cheese taco unlike any found most other places, as well as spicy shrimp with cheese, spicy octopus, and mushroom and cactus tacos, all adequately enveloped in two tortillas.
6 - Campechano

This cute spot near King West is the place to go for tacos with just a touch of class (and of course, a sweet patio). Beer marinated sirloin cap, ribeye, and European seabass round out a menu of tacos you just might be tempted to eat with your pinkies up.
7 - Tacos 101

Cactus, marinated chicken, fish, al pastor, and carnitas are the sole simple offerings at this Dundas East taco joint, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t made with care and attention to detail, using fresh ingredients and dressing each with a fresh made avocado puree.
5 - Grand Electric

The refuge of hungover taco lovers on weekends, the deliciousness level of these tacos basically demands you stuff your belly with as many as possible while you have the luxury of a table in this often packed, loud Parkdale space that boasts a pretty patio. You can't go wrong with choices like beef cheek, baja fish, spicy chicken, carnitas, mushroom, cauliflower (so good) and shrimp.
8 - Al Pastor

This Junction spot has taken the community by storm, fulfilling a serious need for fast tacos. Of course they do the classic al pastor, their version full of flavour due to a rich marinade of achiote, garlic, onion, pineapple, orange, and much more. Flank steak, brisket, chicken and cheese and chorizo make up other options.
9 - Itacate

This humble spot on St. Clair West may not look like much, but when you reach the front of the line that packs the narrow, cramped space, you’ll know why you waited. The most tender beef tongue tacos, authentic al pastor cooked before your eyes and sure, veggie tacos too are served with simple accompaniments. House traditional, thin guacamole and hot sauce bring the heat.
10 - King's Tacos

Tacos at this St. Clair West establishment come in orders of four, so no need to dawdle over mixing and matching. There are a fair range of choices too, from barbacoa, lengua (tongue), and carne asada to carnitas and pastor.
11 - El Caballito

This popular King West spot attached to more upscale Los Colibris makes tacos its specialty. El Patio out back serves them in the open air out of a stationed truck and stall, in a range of flavours from spicy, saucy brisket to shrimp, pulled pork, and chicken. Rolls of paper towel at every table are a sign you’re about to get messy.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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