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Friday, August 25, 2017

The Best Filipino Restaurants in Toronto

The best Filipino in Toronto is all about coming together to share dishes of lechon, noodles, rice, a tidal wave of seafood and all kinds of sauces. More upscale Toronto restaurants have elevated the homey cuisine to involve more individual dishes, but you’re guaranteed to reach across the table at any one of these restaurants for food this delicious.

Here are the best Filipino restaurants in Toronto.

3 - Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

This place on Queen West brings out the best in Filipino food in an effort to showcase it to more people, using ingredients like albacore tuna for a kinilaw. They do their own version of a traditional kamayan (“hand-to-mouth”) feast mixing expected and unexpected with fried chicken adobo, mussels, eggplant, bangus, cornbread, broccolini and more.
10 - Max's Restaurant

With locations in Vaughan and Scarborough, this chain is known for its 70-year-old fried chicken recipe. They also do sizzling pork belly plates and typical Filipino breakfasts of fried eggs, rice, and fish, sausage or sirloin.
7 - Tinuno

This humble family-style spot in St. Jamestown does kamayan eating justice. Yummy feasts of seafood, lechon, and rice spread in the typical style over banana leaves can be eaten out on the patio in the summer here.
9 - Wilson's Haus of Lechon

A true family restaurant, this place near Wilson and Bathurst is the ultimate place to go for lechon right now. Specializing in pigs and chickens stuffed with aromatics and cooked whole, feed a giant group on a dime here.
8 - Sampaguita Village

On Wilson, the menu here is simple but has a good variety of fried rices, pancit, chicken dishes, and combos. The prices are right, hovering around $10 - $15.
5 - Dolly's

In what used to be the Whipporwhill space at Bloor and Lansdowne, a Filipino mojito bar sprung up run by the folks at Playa Cabana. Pitchers of mojitos in several styles and fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice accompany meals of noodles, buns, spring rolls, and spam fries, as well as brunch.
4 - Lasa by Lamesa

A little sister project to Lamesa on St. Clair West, this more casual venture still puts out some of the best Filipino food in the city but in a little more toned down, traditional style. Some of the best shrimp ginataan (a vegetarian dish without it, made with squash and green bean), lechon, halo halo, chicken adobo, and sinigang presented cleanly and simply.
6 - Casa Manila

With transportative decor, this restaurant in Don Mills has a huge menu and classes up its kamayan offerings by portioning out each guest’s meal. They also do “salo-salo” set menus for 5 or 10 guests of typical dishes like pancit, kare kare, spring rolls, and lechon, and sell tubs of ube ice cream.
11 - Jesse Jr. (Scarborough)

Not the swankiest Filipino joint in town, but there’s wide variety (especially of Filipino pork dishes) at this classic hot table spot with a couple locations in Scarborough. A few shelves stock some essential groceries and there's a freezer of ube ice cream and other desserts.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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