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Saturday, August 26, 2017

The top 10 secret menu items in Toronto

Secret menus might not have originated in Toronto, but we have a long history of keeping things on the down low. In-N-Out Burger might get credit for popularizing the scheme, but there are plenty of local establishments that keep good stuff off the menu to reward regulars.

Here are my picks for the top secret menu items you can eat in Toronto.

PG Clucks

Little Italy's itty-bitty fried chicken shack is doing a jalapeno & honey sandwich. It's fried chicken dredged in honey, sweet pickled jalapenos and fermented jalapeno sauce and if you ask nicely you can get the sandwich with a honey cruller for a bun.

The Burger's Priest

Toronto's own local chain of cult burger joints posts only the simple and straightforward essentials in stores. The secret menu outlines over a dozen fancy, over-the-top options that can be order by ominous sounding names like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Banh Mi Boys

Unadvertised but available at all locations, a Club Bao is a secret steamed bun loaded with fried chicken and a slab of pork belly.

Salad King

Longtime customers can still get Thai Islamic Noodles at this Yonge & Dundas area Thai restaurant. The unlisted dish take a standard pad thai to the next level with a dollop of coconut milk curry generously ladled over top.

Union Chicken

This Etobicoke joint is serving up some next level poutine. It's dubbed the Truck Stop Poutine and it's a bed of triple cooked fries, pulled chicken, chicken gravy, green peas and green onions. 

Cut The Cheese

This Junction restaurant specializing in all things cheesy does an extensive secret menu. Discover items like the The Wake n Bacon Grilled Cheese with candied bacon and a fried eggs and the Cocka-Doodle-Moo Mac'N'Cheese with roast chicken. 

The County General

Off-menu items from this West Queen West restaurant include the option to transform the normally sharable serving of Korean fried chicken into a sandwich on request.

Maker Pizza

Can't decide between a Big Mac or pizza? Thanks to this Chinatown pizzeria you no longer have to. The unlisted pizza named Return of the Mac is a pie topped with cheese, ground beef, lettuce, onion, pickles and special sauce. It's what fast food dreams are made of.

Schmaltz Appetizing 

While the Annex bagel shop has some crazy combos on their menu it's the secret Smoked & Cured that's really a must-try. It's a bagel full of Wolfhead double smoked lox, cream cheese and pickled onions, peppers, cucumbers, capers and sour pickles. 

Cluck Clucks

This chicken and waffles joint near the Esplanade is doing orders of fried chicken bouquets - roses are so 2016. It's not advertised on their menu but orders can be secured with 24 hours notice.

by Jaclyn Skrobacky via blogTO

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