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Sunday, June 26, 2016

5 places to go gay camping near Toronto

gay camping torontoGay camping near Toronto proves that gay folks don't just like to take over entire cities and smother them with happiness and love - sometimes, just like everyone else, we like to take it easy and get away. Queers like to pitch a tent as much as the next straight dad or uncle. And sometimes, we like to do it surrounded by bears and other members of the extended family.

Here's a list of the top LGBTQ campgrounds near Toronto.

Cedars (Milgrove)
With 130 partially wooded acres atop the Niagara Escarpment, this LGBT campground is one of the country's largest. I went here last summer, and can tell you it's like a hilarious gay sitcom. So many characters and situations. There's a great outdoor pool and bar, a fantastic restaurant if you need more than hot dogs, a giant barn for weekend dances and cabin rental options for the real queens.

The Point (Vittoria)
This one is billed as a "premiere gay resort for men in Southern Ontario." I have two things to say about this campground. First off, book now. Every weekend pretty much fills up, especially the special event long-weekends like Lumberjack, Übear and Bearforce. Secondly, there's a sling in the forest. This one's for the sexually charged camper.

Rainbown Ridge (Grand Valley)
A campground that truly celebrates diversity, The Ridge has cabins, trailers, hiking trails, and a pool. There's a dance every Saturday night. It's super clean and adorable and campsites include a fire pit. These ones book up fast, but the regular tent camping spots are easier to come by.

Riverside (Tweed)
This one's a bit trickier and exclusive. It's a private, members only, adult gay male campground and RV park. This means you pay $10 upfront for your membership for the entire year and get access to the park. They're located on 96 private acres, and there's gorgeous waterfront access, a waterfront cottage, bunkie cabins, tent zone, a pool ... all that good gay country stuff. Super peaceful and furry.

Stella's Getaway (Burleigh Falls)
This is a women's only camping resort (one time membership fee is $2) just outside Peterborough. Once there, you're only a walk away from Burleigh Falls. You can camp if you like, but the cabins are so rustic and adorable, I'd splurge. There's a restaurant on site and nearby hiking and biking trails. It's run by Vicki and Wendi. Call them up with any questions; they're super friendly.

Photo of Cedars Campground.

by Phil Villeneuve via blogTO

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