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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The top 20 pilates studios in Toronto by neighbourhood

pilates torontoThe top pilates studios in Toronto will help whip your body into shape through the art of controlled movements. Whether you're interested in taking one-on-one classes with a trainer or want to tone up in a group session, these fitness centres are equipped with all the springboards, reformers and mat space you'll need.

Here are my picks for the top pilates studios in Toronto by neighbourhood.

Body Harmonics has been in business for decades. The group classes here go the classical route, using reformers, springboards and simple body stretches instead of incorporating extra activities like barre and cycling. If you don't frequent the Annex, it also has a spot in Forest Hill.

North Movement Studio is a bright and airy studio with plenty of room to stretch your body to perfection. They take a holistic approach to nutrition, so aside from hosting small group classes and private sessions, they also offer nutritional help, massage therapy, and chiropractic assessments.

Beach Pilates occupies a pretty sizeable chunk of real estate across the street from Ivan Forrest Gardens. Reformer and Tower classes are four person affairs, while mat classes can easily make it into the double digits. They also offer barre and cycling, if you need a break from traditional pilates.

If you thrive in groups, Retrofit Pilates will be right up your alley. The ultra-modern space plays host to over 70 group classes a week, and they ain't small. Unlike most studios, 18 ladies and gents can participate in mat classes while 11 can work in the reformer studio. There's also personal training or partner pilates, if you want special attention.

While most studios attempt to achieve a zen vibe with all-white decor, Sagrario Pilates has gone a different route. It boasts dark walls and Asian-inspired accents, setting it apart from other spots in the city (at least on an aesthetic level). The studio incorporates classical pilates techniques, Fletcher Pilates, Stott Pilates, Gyrotonic, and the Alexander Technique.

At The Extension Room ballet-style fitness training reigns supreme, but the studio also offers a few classes for pilates junkies and is even equipped with a reformer. Speaking of the studio, it's one of the nicer ones, boasting high ceilings, soft white walls and crystal chandeliers.

The Loft Pilates Studio specializes in restorative pilates and workouts tailored to healing. All classes cap off at seven people, so you'll be able to get all the attention you need without booking pricey private sessions.

Imprint Pilates is a small, independent boutique which focuses on private and semi-private classes. While it does offer a few group sessions, the belief here is that one-on-one classes yield the best results as they're tailored to each individual's goals and desires.

CoreWorks is both a pilates and physiotherapy studio, so whether you need to realign your body or tone it up, it's got you covered. Its schedule isn't as robust as others, but it offers the staple group mat classes as well as duel and private classes.

Sphinx Pilates + ELDOA, located just west of Little Italy, offers a medley of four-person pilates and ELDOA classes. If you're not familiar with ELDOA, it's a workout that targets your spine and works to decompress and normalize tension. Sphinx seems to have followed suit with other studios in terms of decor, with white walls and hardwood flooring.

Core Studio offers a little bit of everything: classical pilates, equipment-based classes, barre, bootcamp and TRX. Class sizes are small, meaning you'll more hands-on instruction, but they also do one-on-one if that's more your thing. As for aesthetics, it boasts exposed brick walls and looks like an apartment you'll never be able to afford.

Yes, you'll have to exit the downtown core to get to Pilates North, but it's well worth the trip. The 3,500 square foot studio has an impressive roster of classes ranging from traditional pilates to TRX suspension training and Ugi Ball work outs.

For those of you who hail from the west side, Boomerang Pilates is one of the best in the business. Its program is based on full body alignment, with many of its classes tailored to focus on specific muscle groups and bones. If you want a more holistic option, try going for Body Sculpt.

Dip a little south of St. Clair West on Bathurst and you'll find Inhabit Pilates. The studio offers a mix of mat and equipment classes with capacity for 12 people at mat sessions and four for equipment classes.

MISFIT Studio is tucked away on the third floor of a converted church - above Anthropologie, if you're looking for a landmark - giving it a real zen vibe. It's widely considered the best pilates studio in the city.

Articulate Bodies offers eleven unique classes ranging from small group classes with the reformer and tower to larger mat-based classes that incorporate other workouts like barre. The studio itself isn't the prettiest on this list, but comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you'll need to become a pilates pro.

If you know pilates, chances are you know STOTT. It's one of the largest and busiest studios in the city and has been building its empire for decades. Whether you're looking to become a certified trainer or want to break into pilates, the staff here can help you get the (stability) ball rolling.

Lili Viola Pilates is a bright little studio with baby blue-hued towers, cadillacs and reformers. It offers an array of classical pilates classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, giving everyone options.

While the main focus at Studio to the Power of 3 is pilates, it also offers workouts that include weight training and yoga. The name fits the bill as group classes are limited to three people, allowing every participant to get the help they need without ponying up the cash for private sessions.

Instead of getting a workout by schlepping around shopping bags in Yorkville, opt to hit Mindful Movement. It's a bright, window-filled space equipped with six reformers and enough space for pretty sizeable mat classes (up to 16 people).

What did I miss? Add your favourite Toronto pilates studio in the comments.

Photo via North Movement Studio on Facebook.

by Alice Prendergast via blogTO

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