Saturday, October 19, 2019

10 places to watch the Canadian federal election in Toronto

The federal election in Canada will see Toronto vote on October 21 to decide who will be the country's next Prime Minister. After you've cast your ballot, it's time to party, baby, and there's lots of places to watch the results roll in around the city. The good, the bad and the ugly are all part of the fun.

Here are some places to watch the federal election in Toronto.

Events you might want to check out:

Election Night Live Coverage and Analysis (October 21 @ Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema)
Catch all the election night action on the big screen totally free of charge as the Hot Docs cinema streams it with live coverage and analysis.
Is This Campaign Over Yet? (October 21 @ Gladstone Hotel)
The Gladstone is over it but still ready to party with a night of themed drinks, including Singh Sling, Mojito May-hem, The Tru-Do'h(!) and The Scheer-Chaos.
Election Night in Canadaland! (October 21 @ Monarch Tavern)
Canadaland's Jesse Brown is in his element when giving hot takes and he'll be on hand to offer plenty at this viewing party where you can also give yours.
Future Majority #Elxn43 Bash (October 21 @ Centre for Social Innovation)
Party down, election-style at this big bash with Future Majority and CTV National News co-host this jam alongside discussions, drinks and snacks.
Election Night Viewing: Party, Wiggly Hand Gesture, or Tears (October 21 @ The Beaver)
The Beaver is ready for whatever comes during this election and this viewing party has all the emotional support needed, good or bad (and $1 pints).
Election Results Viewing Party (October 21 @ Glad Day Bookshop)
There might be celebrating, there might be grieving, there might be anger, there might be joy. Whatever happens, it's all going down at this viewing party.
Election Night Pizza Party (October 21 @ The Football Factory)
We don't know how this election will go, but we do know one thing: pizza is good, and this viewing pizza party will have lots of it.
Our Time Toronto Election Night Party (October 21 @ Avling Brewery)
Climate change has been a huge subject of this debate and Our Time and Climate Justice Toronto is ready to welcome all for this viewing party.
Leadnow Election Night Watch Party (October 21 @ Imperial Pub)
The leaders of tomorrow are coming out for this viewing party with a night of drinks, snacks and the chance to meet some interesting people.
Federal Election Viewing Party (October 21 @ Paupers Pub)
If you're wondering what will become of our planet after this election, GreenPAC are hosting this viewing party and will have some insight.

by Lisa Power via blogTO

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