Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Best Shawarma in Toronto

The best shawarma in Toronto is central to the city's food scene. Here, we put this spit-roasted meat on almost everything, from fries to pizza to poutine. There are lots of places to choose from to get this iconic Middle Eastern dish in Toronto, but most agree these are the spots that have the juiciest, most flavourful shawarma in town.

Here's the best shawarma in Toronto.

3 - Shawarma Empire

Striploin beef and chicken are piled onto spits by hand in house to make shawarma for wraps and plates at this Scarborough takeout spot on Lawrence East that inspires long lineups at lunchtime.
7 - Ibrahim Pizza & BBQ

Chicken or beef shawarma can be purchased as sandwiches, plates, or by the kilogram at this Lawrence East restaurant in Scarborough.
4 - Chris Jerk

Jerk chicken and shawarma collide at this Scarborough restaurant where you can get jerk shawarma in wraps, dinners or even on top of poutine: a true Toronto classic.
5 - Ghadir Meat

Lawrence East on Scarborough is home to this butcher shop that sources meat for their own shawarma, and actually supplies meat to Shawarma Empire. Chicken and beef are shaved off the spit with a regular knife rather than an electric one.
9 - Johnny's Shawarma

This Kennedy spot in Scarborough has actually been serving great shawarma since the 90s.
10 - Aish Tanoor

The Eglinton West area is home to this Kosher Middle Eastern restaurant that serves some of the city's most delicious shawarma on pita, house laffa, or as a main course.
11 - Bab Tuma

Scarborough is where you'll find this Syrian restaurant that serves chicken both fried and as shawarma, the latter available by the kilo, half-kilo or in a sandwich.
6 - Dr. Laffa

Shawarma is made out of chicken thigh meat and wrapped in pita, laffa, or served as a plate at North York and Thornhill locations of this restaurant.
8 - Taste of Shawarma

This Dufferin restaurant is known for their chicken and beef shawarma, and especially their huge orders of "chicken fries."

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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