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Saturday, August 29, 2020

This is what all the new stations will look like when the Eglinton Crosstown is built

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is still a long way from completion, but when it's done, the city will have a new integrated light rail transit system that stretches 19 kilometres across the city from east to west. 

The $5.3 billion project, which began construction in 2011, will bring 25 new stations and stops along Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis through to Scarborough. 

A number of the stations have been renamed since their initial announcement, and according to the city, designs are subject to change in the future. But, as of right now, here's what all the new stations will look like when the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is built. 

eglinton crosstownMount Dennis

The western terminal of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT will have three entrances and will see the construction of a brand new GO station along with an UP Express station. 

eglinton crosstownCaledonia

This naturally lit underground station at Eglinton will sit about 200 metres west of Caledonia Road. It'll include a pedestrian connection to a future GO Transit station, plus a new plaza built between Eglinton Avenue West and Westside Mall. 

eglinton crosstownOakwood

Twenty-four bicycle parking spaces will be available at this station. It's underground and will have two entrances, located on the north and south side of Eglinton and Oakwood Avenue. 

eglinton crosstownForest Hill

Previously named Bathurst (like the station on Line 2), this underground station now has a more fitting name. It sits at the corner of Bathurst and Eglinton and will primarily serve local businesses and residents. 

eglinton crosstownAvenue

This underground station will also serve as a turnback station, which allows trains to change directions. Special track work will also allow a train to be stored between the tracks without disrupting service. 

eglinton crosstownMount Pleasant

Sitting below an existing heritage building, this retail space (formerly a bank) will become the destination for a new underground station at the intersection of Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Ave. East.

eglinton crosstownLaird

Sitting at the intersection of Laird Drive and Eglinton Avenue East, this underground turnback station will have a main entrance off the southwest corner of Eglinton Avenue and Laird Drive. 

eglinton crosstownScience Centre

Just steps away from Toronto's science museum, the station formerly named Don Mills (like the terminus of Line 4) will have access to both the north and south side of the Ontario Science Centre. It will also introduce a new bus terminal with seven bus bays. 

eglinton crosstownWynford

Located on the west side of the bridge crossing over Wynford Drive, this surface-level, parallel side stop will introduce a 0.5-metre-wide buffer on both sides of Eglinton between bike lanes and car lanes. 

eglinton crosstownO'Connor

Previously referred to as Victoria Park stop, this parallel side platform will be accessible from both ends of the platform, with another buffer added between bike lanes and car lanes.

eglinton crosstown lrt torontoHakimi Lebovic

This far side platform had its name changed to signal the importance of both its intersecting avenues: Lebovic and Hakimi, the latter which leads to locations of Centennial College and Ashtonbee Reserve Park. 

eglinton crosstownBirchmount

Likely to be a parallel side platform, this stop will be located on the east side of the intersection of Eglinton and Birchmount. 

eglinton crosstownKennedy

As the eastern terminal of the LRT, Kennedy will also be an interchange station that connects with the TTC's Bloor-Danforth line. It will see a new underground LRT station, a GO ticketing building, and a new GO Transit pick-up and drop-off. 

eglinton crosstownKeelesdale

This underground station will include an off-street bus loop and on-street connections to TTC buses. Noise attenuation walls will be built between street bus stops and adjacent houses. There will also be a new landscaped outdoor public space by the northeast station entrance. 

eglinton crosstownFairbank

Formerly called Dufferin, this station will connect to TTC buses and include a station plaza that will integrate with St. Hilda's Parkette. We might see a new fountain or a water feature, and extra seating. 

eglinton crosstownCedarvale

This will be one of the busiest stations on the LRT. Formerly called Eglinton West station, this underground station sits at the heart of Little Jamaica and will connect with the TTC's University subway line. 

eglinton crosstownChaplin

We'll see a redesign of the Chaplin Parkette with the construction of this underground station. There will be three entrances, including one right off the Kay Gardner Beltline Trail, and three new plazas. 

eglinton crosstownEglinton

Connecting to the Yonge subway line, this interchange station will be one of the Crosstown's busiest, in the heart of midtown. 

eglinton crosstownLeaside

On-street connections to TTC buses and a station plaza means we'll get a pedestrian connection to Howard Talbot Park. The station will feature 60 outdoor bike parking spaces. 

eglinton crosstownSunnybrook Park

Previously known as Leslie, this station will sit on the east side of Eglinton and Leslie. An existing stair connection to Seton Park will remain, or it might be replaced — we'll see.

eglinton crosstownAga Khan Park & Museum

This surface stop, previously referred to as Ferrand stop, will either be a centre platform or a parallel side platform, located just a few minutes away from North York's museum of Islamic art. 

eglinton crosstownSloane

This centre platform will sit at the east side surface of Bermondsey Road and Eglinton Avenue East. 

eglinton crosstownPharmacy

This centre platform will sit at the east side of Eglinton Avenue East and Pharmacy Avenue. 

eglinton crosstownGolden Mile

Formerly Warden, this stop will introduce a far side platform to Eglinton Avenue East and Warden Avenue. 

eglinton crosstownIonview

This surface grade stop will most likely be a parallel side platform. It will sit on the west side of Eglinton Avenue East and Ionview Road. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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