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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

5 entertainment ideas for your Toronto New Year's Eve Party

New Year's Eve party ideas will take your party from a good time to something out of this world. Guests will not only be Instagramming like crazy, but  they'll keep talking about your shindig until 2018 after you dazzle them with these options.

Here are some entertainment ideas to make your NYE party a memorable one.

Invite a LED lit robot performer over

It's 2017! We live in the future! So why not have a dancing robot at your NYE party to lighten up the dancefloor? TI Bots have eight and 10 foot LED robot performers for hire and they include 1,000 LED lights and bilt-in hand lasers.

Fool your guests with an illusionist

Ray Chance is the current king of magic and illusions in Toronto. You can hire him for your party and he'll put on a full energtic show. Your guests will be his helpers and his amazing mentalism tricks will blow their minds before the countdown comes.

Hire an acrobatic bartender 

It's NYE, there's no way anyone is going to be impressed with a regular rented bartender; you need someone who can throw bottles around and pour drinks like it's gymnastics at the Olympics. Blackout Flair are champions behind the bar and have been crowned the top flair bartenders in Canada.

Keep the party going with a breakdancing crew

Your Private Dancers are a trio of Toronto break dancers who take street dancing into your living room or dance floor. They'll even work with you to create a custom routine for your party and help your guests learn a trick or two.

Bring the house down with a bongo troupe

If your party is fun, but it needs to be lit, consider hiring Bongo & B. They're a bongo-playing troupe who will drum out all kinds of genres of music for you, and also bring a DJ if you need. They're a full live entertainment and dance party package.

by Phil Villeneuve via blogTO

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