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Friday, December 30, 2016

The 5 worst events in Toronto during 2016

The worst events in Toronto during 2016 were fantastic in comparison to those that made this list in years past. There weren't any grilled cheese-related meltdowns or massive EDM parties with coat check catastrophes (and public urination problems) over the last 12 months, so maybe Toronto's getting the hang of event planning?

Regardless, here, in no particular order, are our picks for the worst events in Toronto during 2016. 

Winter Brewfest

Toronto's home to plenty of craft beer festivals, but this one at the Enercare Centre disappointed local beer drinkers who complained it was too expensive. Vendors also ran out of suds early. Winter Brewfest is returning for 2017 and organizers say it'll be much better in its sophomore year. 

Sugar Shack

This event got lots of hype and too many people appeared to show up to what was supposed to be a Quebec-style sugaring off festival at Sugar Beach. The food trucks and vendors were ill-equipped to handle the crowds, leading to long lineups and wait times. 

Christmas Markets

It seemed like we reached peak Christmas in Toronto and the city's two biggest markets were a little bit disappointing. Even though both supported worthy charities, the one Distillery District was crowded, expensive and over-wrought with corporate activations and the new one in Nathan Phillips Square was rarely busy and didn't resemble a European-style market as advertised. 


NXNE changed things up for 2016 and created a whole new outdoor venue for the city by moving to the Port Lands. But for its inaugural year there, in the middle of one the hottest summer on record, it didn't have enough shade or free water stations for its patrons. Organizers promise they'll iron out these kinks to make 2017 even better. 

Seinfeld Pop-Up

After promising this event would actually happen (and amassing a huge following on Facebook) the organizers declared the whole thing was a bust. No pop-up for you, Toronto.

by Staff via blogTO

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