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Monday, December 26, 2016

The top 10 food trends in Toronto from 2016

The top Toronto food trends in Toronto are somewhat gimicky, but they're also super delicious. From hybrids and mashups to lots and lots of raw fish, there was lots to eat and Instagram this year.

Here are my picks for the top Toronto food trends this year.

Sushi burritos

From Sushitto to Rolltation, sushi burritos hit Toronto this summer and everyone had to have one. This mashup keeps evolving - now Toronto even has sushi dougnuts. 


After Big Tuna Poke Bar opened in the Annex, Toronto gave birth to a slew of Hawaiian-inspired poke restaurants, including Poke Guys, North Poke, Calii Love and many, many more.

Plant-based menus

Toronto has plenty of vegan and vegetarian eateries, but this year, it seemed liked meat-free food got an upgrade thanks to newcomers such as Planta, Awai and even Doomie's.

Soft serve

This trend began last year, but it reached new heights this past summer as Sweet Jesus expanded, ice cream got tossed in doughnut cones, La Diperie popped up on the Danforth and other restaurants started experimenting with epic-looking soft serve dessert.

Ice cream creations

If the epic-looking soft serve cones weren't enough, it seemed like  the city became saturated with ice cream creations, including ice cream tacos, Cookie Monster cones, a bevy of ice cream sandwiches and Thai-style ice cream rolls.

Rainbow food

From rainbow bagels to rainbow grilled cheese, it seems like everyone needed a little bit of colour to brighten up their 2016; there are even going to be rainbow tacos available in the city. But while these multi-hued eats are pretty, they don't taste all that different than their beige counterparts.

Over-the-top beverages

Peace Treats gave us epic milkshakes and CutiePie Cupcakes debuted a cotton candy-infused latte. You can also grab cotton candy coffee and bubble tea in lightbulb glasses in Toronto now; why drink a regular beverage when you can have an extravagant one?


As more and more Filipino restaurants continue to open up, ube is becoming prevalent on Toronto menus. This bright purple potato has a sweet, earty flavour and it's great in desserts, such as sundaes, cake and halo halo.

Food trucks opening restaurants

Toronto seems like its home to more food trucks than ever before, and now many of these mobile eateries are opening bricks-and-mortar restaurants, including Eva's Original Chimneys, M.e.n.u., Burgatory, Sushitto and Chimney Stax

Craft beer explosion

Locally brewed craft beer is nothing new in Toronto, but in 2016, it seemed like a slew of now-popular new breweries opened up, including Bandit Brewery, Henderson Brewing, Halo Brewery, Blood Brothers and Radical Road Brewery - there's more on the way for 2017.

by Amy Grief via blogTO

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