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Saturday, May 23, 2020

10 signs Toronto is starting to get its summer back

There are some signs that Toronto is slowly getting its summer back, despite cries on social media that #summeriscancelled. While we'll sadly be missing out on events like Caribana and the CNE, there are still some familiar sights of summer we can take comfort in right now.

Here are some of the signs that Toronto is getting its summer back.

Ice cream trucks are serving up treats across the city

While there might not be as many food trucks rolling around as usual, listen for the telltale tinkly music of ice cream trucks as some are out and about selling frozen treats again.

Toronto streets have opened up for pedestrians

Biking along the Lake Shore is a common summertime activity, and this initiative has actually opened up streets that would normally be for cars so that you can still strap on the rollerblades without having to contend with the usual (and for now, unsafe) crowds.

Toronto now has a CNE style pop-up food market

This summery yet physically distanced market is bringing treats you might find at the CNE like pickle soft serve to the Barrio patio for contactless, one-way pickup.

There's actually events you can go to this summer

The city is figuring out ways people can still enjoy some of their favourite summer activities, like visiting the art gallery or the zoo. The Toronto Zoo is doing a drive-thru safari and you can drive in to a Van Gogh exhibit. In August, local band July Talk is throwing a concert at a drive-in movie theatre.

Tennis and basketball courts have reopened

Park amenities, skate parks, basketball courts, golf courses, tennis courts and off-leash dog parks are all open back up again, so you have the go-ahead to get outside safely and enjoy these outdoor areas again.

Campgrounds are getting ready to welcome visitors

Restrictions have already been lifted on some daytime activities at camp sites in Ontario, and they could be ready to host overnight visitors as soon as next month.

Sidewalks are starting to come back to life

Retail stores reopening for curbside pickup and restaurants coming up with innovative and fun ways to serve food and drinks curbside have led to a reinvigoration of Toronto's sidewalks.

People are picnicing in Toronto parks

Something Torontonians always love to do, those of us with outdoor space have been making do with backyard picnics, but not that restrictions are loosening it could be the perfect time to find a private patch of grass and even get some food delivered to your spot in the park by a local restaurant.

Toronto ravines and trails are at their best right now

Spring and summer weather is the perfect time to experience Toronto's extensive trails and ravines and because there's so much space they're a great option to get out in nature while social distancing. Glen Stewart Ravine, Taylor Creek ravine and Leslie Street Spit have been particulary popular these days.

Toronto coffee shops are rolling out their summer drinks

The pandemic isn't stopping local cafes from coming up with creative seasonal refreshers, like a pink lemonade from Hounslow's House or the Summertime Strawberry Shrub with apple cider vinegar, macerated strawberries and balsamic from Arvo.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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